July 6, 2011 ( – In the battle to uphold true marriage in the face of increasing social and political pressure to endorse and approve gay “marriage,” Christians are likely to go to jail for their stance, says one expert.

In his recent commentary piece for Catholic Culture, entitled “Gay Marriage and the Next Gulag,” Dr. Jeff Mirus, president of Trinity Communications, says that the “gay marriage lie” is the “perfect totalitarian wedge” for pro-gay “marriage” proponents to use in the face of “hateful” “moralistic prigs” who “seek to diminish the personal sexual liberty of others.”

“The cause of gay marriage fits the myth better than most issues because it really does seem that those who oppose it are denying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to others,” says Dr. Mirus. “Gays are well-educated, wealthy and — above all — a logically favored projection of our moral culture. To inhibit their happiness, for any reason, seems just plain wrong.”

According to Dr. Mirus, the “key” to the matter is to be aware of the fact that “to be gay or to support the gay lifestyle is to approve and promote sterile sex.”

Through easy divorce, contraception, promiscuity, and, finally, abortion, the culture of the West has increasingly submitted to the “sterile sex” mentality, he says.

“A culture like this, a culture which embraces these values, has no argument against homosexual sex, no case against homosexual marriage,” continues Mirus.

“A huge percentage of our marriages are deliberately and totally sterile; most of the rest are deliberately sterile much of the time. Huge numbers of marriages, by deliberate design, result neither in children to preserve the race nor in future citizens to enhance and develop the social order.”

The result of this modern mentality, says Dr. Mirus, is that anyone who opposes the notion of homosexual “marriage” is “silenced” and “restrained.”

“Moreover,” he adds, “it seems only right and just that their denunciation of the gay lifestyle and their opposition to gay marriage should be criminalized. In fact, it should be criminalized in the name of liberty. That is why gay marriage is the lie that will create the next Gulag.”

“The insistence on ignoring vice is the hallmark of a debased culture, but the insistence that a lie be publicly affirmed as true is the hallmark of ideological totalitarianism … To speak the truth makes one either a social pariah or a traitor.”

Mirus cites the recent example of Rev. Hugo Valdemar, the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City, who was charged this month with engaging in political propaganda when he said that Catholics should not vote for candidates who support same-sex “marriage.”

Similar examples are becoming increasingly more numerous throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with Christians losing their jobs, being fined and being dragged through lengthy “human rights” hearings, simply for stating traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality.

Dr. Mirus suggests that “massive personal reform” is the only answer to the “new Gulag.”  “The only thing that can possibly help is for those who oppose gay marriage to start living according to the understanding of sexuality communicated by the natural law,” he said.

“The ultimate answer to every Gulag is the affirmation of truth through life — a vibrant demonstration that Christians have more heart to lose than pagans have to win.”

Dr. Miras’ full commentary can be found here.