Gay ‘Marriage’ Pushing Prime Minister’s Catholic Bishop Still Believes He’s a “Faithful” Catholic

Wed Jun 29, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

OTTAWA, June 29, 2005 ( - As Catholic Prime Minister Paul Martin began in earnest his final push for the passage of the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill last week, he had the audacity to go on radio and say “I’m actually a very strong Roman Catholic” while at the same time justifying his imposition of homosexual ‘marriage’ on Canada. asked for comment on the matter from Martin’s bishop, Ottawa Archbishop Marcel Gervais.

In the request for comment from Archbishop Gervais, noted, “On Vancouver’s CKNW radio on Monday June 20, 2005, the Prime Minister said, ‘I’m actually a very strong Roman Catholic,’ And went on to defend his push for the gay marriage legislation,” also providing the evidence for the quote. pointed out that “Prior to this incident the media has often referred to Mr. Martin as a ‘devout Catholic’Âwhich Bishop HenryÂtold his flock required correction.ÂÂHe explained further that “However, this incident goes further in that it is Mr. Martin himself claiming to be a ‘very strong Catholic’ while at the same time pressing for gay marriage.”’s request for commentÂfrom Gervais ended by noting “This is giving a very confusing message to Catholics and worse for non-Catholics in Canada and the world who are misled in their beliefs about Catholicism and the Catholic Church.”

Archbishop Marcel GervaisIn response, Gilles Ouellette the Director of Communications for Archbishop Gervais wrote, “The Archbishop has asked me to inform you that his position on this topic remains unchanged and that he stands by his previous comments on the issue.”

Those previous comments sent to via Mr. Ouellete on March 23, 2005 had the Archbishop saying about the Prime Minister “To me he is also a faithful member of my cathedral parish.” The Archbishop’s comments concluded, “While I do not agree either with his argument or his conclusion on same sex marriage, I do not think, at this time, his position merits refusing him communion.”

In related news, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops reacted to the passage of the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill calling it “another unfortunate step toward eliminating civil and social recognition and appreciation for the unique importance of the committed relationship of a man and a woman in marriage.”

Fr. Alphonse de Valk, editor of Catholic Insight magazine, who has challenged Archbishop Gervais to refuse the Prime Minister Holy Communion over his support for homosexual ‘marriage’, commented on the CCCB letter calling it a public statement but hoping for a statement specifically for Catholics.“Can we expect a pastoral statement for Catholics which will open a discussion about the problem of Catholic politicians who publicly and obstinately continue to contradict Church teaching on moral questions of the utmost importance?,” asked Rev. de Valk. HeÂobserved, “Most Canadian bishops continue to treat them as regular faithful and take no public steps to explain they are no longer in full communion with the Church.”

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