Republished with permission from Real Women of Canada’s Reality Magazine

TORONTO, December 19, 2007 ( – Homosexual activists have played it both ways.  On the one hand, they argue they are just like everyone else.  They love deeply and permanently and want to marry and be parents, living out their lives just like heterosexuals do.  This apparently is not the case.  (See  Yet, on the other hand, they are “proud” of their subculture, which was established in the 1970’s and 1980’s, as exemplified by the gay pride parades where men dress like and pretend to be women and vice versa. 

Some also march nude in these parades except that they wear shoes and therefore, according to the absurd decision of a Toronto area Crown counsel, are not really nude in violation of S. 174 of the Criminal Code.  The exhibitionist members of their community gyrate obscenely on their floats – it is sex, sex, sex all the way.  Sex appears to be the be all and end all of their subculture, which promotes cruising, i.e. rampant sexual contact with many unknown partners, all mixed with drugs and alcohol in order to fuel these sexual encounters. 

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), AIDS and anal cancer (HIV positive homosexuals are 9000% more likely to develop anal cancer according to the February 2007 issue of the International Journal of STD and AIDS) do not matter.  Who cares, as it is the “good times” that count.

Thousands of by-standers come to watch the circus that a gay parade has become.  They laugh derisively at the vain and foolish participants, while scorning and ridiculing their “culture”.  That is, the crowds come for the weirdness of the parade, and are happy only when the show displays and entrenches the grossest behaviours of homosexuality. 

These parades, with their growing commercialism, because corporations want to benefit from the generally well-off homosexual consumer, do not further the homosexual cause.  Politicians, thinking they are displaying their “tolerance” by walking in the midst of this chaotic and hedonistic exhibitionism, are, in fact, displaying their lack of discernment: they fail to understand what the parade is really about – exhibitionism and narcissism promoting quite literally, a deadly form of sexuality. 

If homosexuals want to end what they claim is discrimination against them and gain acceptance and credibility, they have a strange way of doing so.  The homosexual community itself seems to have become aware of this.  Organizers for these parades are becoming difficult to find, and many homosexuals are not even interested in attending their own parades. 

For example, the Ottawa pride organizers acquired a whopping $130,000 debt and most homosexuals in Ottawa could care less (Ottawa X-press, August 23, 2007).  In Vancouver, the president of the Vancouver Pride Committee called a meeting on September 6, 2007, about the gay parade there.  The result?  A scant turnout of only three people. 

In REALity Nov./Dec. 2002, page 10, “Dispute Among Homosexuals Over Gay Pride Parades” further examples were given of disputes among homosexuals themselves about the future of gay pride parades.  The writing is on the wall for these so-called “pride” parades.  They do not conjure up gay “pride” as much as they conjure up the physical and soul destroying sickness of the homosexual lifestyle.