BRUSSELS, February 4, 2014 ( – Family rights advocates are decrying the passage of a report that requires EU member states to adopt and enforce the homosexual movement’s political agenda and “gender” ideology. The “Roadmap for LGBTI Rights,” called the Lunacek Report, was passed this afternoon in the EU Parliament with 394 in favor, 176 against and 72 abstentions.

Opponents said the vote was “a dangerous erosion” of the concept of universal human rights and the members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have turned instead to supporting the divisive idea of “special group rights.” The report’s author, Ulrike Lunacek, reported having received 41,000 emails opposed to the report and campaigners have estimated that MEPs received over 100,000 messages from citizens against it.

European Dignity Watch said that, despite the report having being approved for a vote by a committee of bureaucrats, “citizens do not want to be told by politicians how to live, what to think and how to educate their children.”


Lunacek, an MEP with the extreme-left Austrian Greens party and head of the European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT Rights, wrote the proposal with the help of Europe’s leading homosexualist NGO, ILGA Europe, which called opponents “religious extremists, anti-choice” and “ultra-conservatives,” and accused them of “using lies and deliberately twisting the facts.”

Paulo Côrte-Real, co-chair of ILGA-Europe’s executive board, said, “The EU needs to clearly set the aims and targets in tackling homophobia/transphobia, to switch on all of its already existing competences to reach those targets, and to have a clear system of measuring its progress in this area.”

But human and family rights campaigner, Sophia Kuby, head of European Dignity Watch, said much of the objection is that the report runs counter to the principle of universal and equal rights for all. “Today, Parliamentarians failed to vote for human rights and voted for special interest group rights instead,” she said.

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“They refused to hear the warning from many thousands of stakeholders in Europe that the creation of special group rights is the beginning of a dangerous erosion of the very concept of human rights that should apply to all in an equal way,” Kuby told by email.

“The Lunacek report says instead: human rights need to be protected, but for some more than for others.” 

“The EU Fundamental Rights Agenda applies to all citizens independently of their individual choices on how they live their sexuality,” she continued. “But the Lunacek Report uses the LGBT cause to divide the world in two: those who should enjoy special rights and special protection on the one hand (that is, LGBT persons), and all others who don’t seem to deserve the same rights and the same protection on the other hand.”

Kuby added that in the lead-up to the upcoming European elections in May 2014, candidates “must be challenged on what they think about fundamental human rights and how they intend to protect them in case they are elected.” 

“If the EU does not come back to its senses and show a common will to protect the most basic human goods – same rights for all, family, life, fundamental freedoms – as hundreds of thousands of citizens ask them to do, it will lose it’s credibility among the people.”

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