Gays Target Nova Scotia as Next Spot to Enforce Court Redefinition of Marriage

HALIFAX, August 16, 2004 ( - A group of same-sex “marriage” activists is planning an action to force Nova Scotia courts to decide on the status of homosexual “marriage” in that province. The group, Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP), bemoans that the federal government and Supreme Court of Canada is stalling on a national decision.

NSRAP is trying to force the matter by seeking a court order. “We are now considering a change in strategy, to proceed with a similar application in Nova Scotia in the near future, rather than wait for the Reference,” NSRAP chair Sean Foreman said in a July 15 release. The court challenge is likely to go ahead unless Nova Scotia judges “do the honourable thing,” according to the NSRAP.  In a letter addressed to the Nova Scotia and federal Attorneys General, Foreman cited the Yukon decision, and demanded “. . . that the Province of Nova Scotia immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Nova Scotia would be the fifth Canadian region to undergo such trials; all thus far have ordered marriage redefined.  tv

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