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PORTLAND, Maine (LifeSiteNews) — A gender confused middle school teacher in Maine was recently fired for allegedly promoting his personal sexually explicit TikTok videos to students. 

Self-identifying as “transgender” and taking the name Lydia Lamere, the biological male was a substitute teacher at King Middle School in Portland, Maine, until the end of January. Lamere was removed from his position shortly after the school principal was made aware that questionable content was promoted to students. 

“The district was made aware on Jan. 19 of an incident in which a TikTok account associated with a substitute teacher at King Middle School was accessed by some students late on the previous day on personal devices,” reads a statement from Portland Public Schools. “The school and district were thorough in our investigation, and the individual has been dismissed.  

The district has a strict policy on the use of social media by school employees that requires employees to preserve the integrity of the learning environment and maintain professional boundaries with students at all times.” 

The release added that the principal of King Middle School “notified school families about the incident in a letter shared on Jan. 20.” 

One student informed her parents that Lamere had shared the handle to his personal TikTok account at school, writing the handle on a classroom whiteboard, according to the Maine Wire. Although the account has since been adjusted to private and content previously available to students either hidden or removed, the Maine Wire was able to review and obtain certain photos and videos.  

One photo included a description of Lamere taking cross sex hormones during the COVID-19 pandemic. A widely circulated video among students showed Lamere posing while wrapped in a towel. 

The Post Millennial noted that another video reviewed before it became unavailable featured the cross-dressing man discussing kink and sexual positions. 

Lamere’s TikTok account is now listed as “inactive” and issues the warning, “minors do not interact 18+.” The account has 2,244 followers. Only six videos are available for public view, including one posted in November which commemorates a year since Lamere received surgical intervention for his gender confusion.  

Another video from December called out a viewer for “misgendering” Lamere. The most recent video, dated January 27, stated that the account will no longer be public because he was being “doxxed.”  

“Hi,” Lamere says in the 14-second video. “I’ve placed all my videos on private, actually, because of the doxxing that is currently happening to me.” 

“Idk if you’ve ever had the eye of Sauron upon you, but it’s genuinely very scary,” he wrote in the post’s description, referencing the infamous villain in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. “I’m glad I’ve lived a good life without much to hide, but I’d rather not have the public picking apart every moment of my digital life for the last 4 years. For those who don’t know, I got very doxxed this week. Very tiring, any help would be appreciated.” 

In the January 20 letter to parents, King Middle School principal Caitlin LeClair stated that the exposure to sexualized content promoted by a teacher was “an unfortunate incident that serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring your child’s use of social media.” 

“TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are all platforms that provide unlimited access to a wide variety of content. While students do not have access to these platforms at school, we will continue to have conversations with students about safe internet use.” 

LifeSiteNews has contacted LeClair for details about the events leading up to Lamere’s termination but has not yet received a response. 

Lamere far from the first teacher to expose minors to highly sexualized content within the public school system. In March 2022, a high school student in Nevada was forced to read an explicit passage in front of her class. Rather than offer an alternative assignment, her teacher required completion of the sexually explicit work for a grade.  

On January 1, Chicago Public Schools released a report revealing that more than 600 cases of students groomed by adults within the Chicago school system were investigated and closed last year. Out of a total 602 closed cases, 447 were opened during 2022 based on allegations of sexual grooming of minors. 


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