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(LifeSiteNews) — A young woman recently filed a lawsuit against two doctors who removed her breasts and uterus allegedly without consent and with only the woman’s self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

The 23-year-old patient — whose name was kept confidential by the Wisconsin State Journal in order to view the complaint — listed Dr. Jay Lick and Dr. Katherine Gast of the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital as defendants in the case. Lick reportedly performed a hysterectomy on the patient when she was 19 and Gast gave her a double mastectomy when she was 21.

The lawsuit alleges that the medical professionals failed to follow protocol regarding their patient’s informed consent and that they accepted her self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which, according to the patient, was never verified by medical professionals.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, which obtained the lawsuit filed on November 1 in Dane County Circuit Court, the woman first “identified as lesbian” and “explored” transgenderism before claiming “a nonbinary identity.” The complaint states that her gender confusion stemmed from “severe psychological distress and trauma that she endured as a child.”

However, after her identity struggles and the two irreversible surgeries, the woman came to understand that the trauma she experienced as a child was the root cause of her problems rather than gender dysphoria. She reportedly took steps to stop her so-called “gender transition,” including ceasing testosterone treatments. The lawsuit also states that the woman “mourns that she will never be able to naturally conceive a large family, as expected in her [Jewish] culture.”

Gast, one of the defendants listed in the case, made headlines in September 2022 after the conservative social media account Libs of TikTok exposed UW Health’s Comprehensive Gender Services Program, of which Gast is the director. In now-removed interviews and web pages, the plastic surgeon details some of the procedures she performs on gender-confused individuals of any age, including minors, with parental consent.

One video that has been made private online specifies that some of her specialties include “penile inversion vaginoplasty,” or the forming of a so-called vagina in a man’s body. She also detailed how she will take tissue from a woman’s forearm, leg, or from both areas to ‘create’ a penis in a phalloplasty procedure. Lastly, the surgeon explained how “top surgery,” or a “cosmetic mastectomy,” removes healthy breasts from women, a result that she describes as “a happy day for everybody.”

The lawsuit against Gast and Lick comes amid a growing number of legal complaints against medical professionals who facilitated and conducted medical interventions for gender-confused minors who have since realized their mistakes in attempting a so-called “gender transition.” In July, a woman from Texas sued her doctors for “recklessly” pushing her along this path.

Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old who has become a leading voice in the detransition movement in the United States, also filed a lawsuit against the medical professionals and hospital that removed her breasts at age 15. More recently, the notorious American Academy of Pediatrics was named in a lawsuit for its promotion of the radical transgender ideology and medical intervention for gender confused minors.


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