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March 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) ‒ In this week's episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, His Excellency condemns “the progression of error” and chaos spreading throughout many parts of society, brought about espeically by gender theory and the denial of human dignity. He also says that even when the majority votes in favor of error in a democracy, the truth cannot change.

Bishop Strickland re-affirms the Church’s doctrine that there are only two genders – male and female – and that society refusing to acknowledge this signifies a dismissal of God as Creator, and replaces Him with human being. “Laws should never be in conflict with the basic natural laws that God has used to guide creation,” His Excellency notes. The Equality Act and gender theory are destructive for society, he adds.

Strickland additionally shared with co-host Terry Barber his reflections on what the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen stated decades ago. “A lot of times the majority today is wrong … we can vote in things that are simply not the truth and therefore it's not going to be sustaining and it's not going to help people flourish if it's contrary to objective truth.”

His Excellency points out that chaos has ensued in our culture today, and that we’ve substituted “the one true God…with ourselves.” Only with a return to “believing in life eternal,” he said, “[will we] transform life in this world.”

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