TORONTO, Mar 18 (LSN)  The Globe and Mail reported yesterday on a Statistics Canada study that points to a healthy change in the outlook on family values in the younger generation. The study found a statistically significant difference betwween the attitudes of Generation X (aged 15-29)  and those of Baby Boomers (aged 30-49) and Elders (aged 50 and over).  Whereas nearly half of older Canadians believed financial disagreement was a legitimate reason to break up a marriage, only 28 per cent of Generation X’ers agreed. Unsatisfactory sexual relationship with one’s partner was found to be sufficient grounds for divorce for about 45%  of earlier generations, while among the young it was so for only 21%. While not perfect, the numbers point to a possible return to more traditional family values in Canada.  Alan Mirabelli of the Vanier Institute of the Family in Ottawa noted that Gen-Xers grew up during the past 30 years of liberalized divorce laws, and experienced the most severe effects from it of any generation in Canadian history. “It’s probably the generation that has the most to say to us,” he said. Mirabelli hypothesized the pro-family attitudes were “based on their pain.”