Fluorescent Monkeys; Altered Personality Mice; Cloned Soldiers   OTTAWA, Aug 23 (LSN) – The continuing “advancements” in new reproductive technology have given rise to the view that it may be necessary to draft an international treaty banning human clones to be used as war machines.  The August 19 Ottawa Citizen reports that a recent study for the Defence Department by Maj.  John Donovan of the U.S. Air Force notes: “The potential for military abuse of cloning technology is sobering, and nations need to define the boundaries of what constitutes acceptable military applications.”  Scientists at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center estimate they are six months away from having created transgenic monkeys which glow like jellyfish since the jellyfish genes were successfully assimilated into monkey embryos. Although scientists have for years created fluorescent rats, monkeys would be the first transgenic primates as the march towards transgenic humans continues.  For more see:,2107,84968-134265-934871-0,00.html   Not only physical traits but also personality is subject to genetic alteration. Tom Insel and Larry Young, at Emory University in the US have successfully “transformed promiscuous male mice into more faithful partners and doting dads by inserting a single gene from a prairie vole.” The scientists say they are now going to focus their research on humans.  For more see:   (with files from Pro-Life E-news Canada)