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Alex Soros speaks onstage during the Ford Foundation-United Nations Development Programme Forests for Climate event at the Ford Foundation on April 21, 2016 in New York City. Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Ford Foundation

(LifeSiteNews) — The abortion-supporting, globalist son of notorious financial speculator George Soros attacked Harrison Butker’s pro-family commencement address at Benedictine College as “misogynistic.”

On X earlier today, Alex Soros shared a link to an op-ed published on The Hill claiming that Butker is an “ultrareligious guy” who wants to “turn back the clock” on feminist causes like no-fault divorce. 

“Butker’s misogyny is not unique, it’s the conservative agenda,” Soros’ post reads. 

The quote was copied from the headline of The Hill’s article. 

Soros, 38, took control of his father’s Open Society Foundations in 2023. The group has spent more than $20 billion dollars funding open borders, population control, LGBT ideology, and other anti-life initiatives and lawmakers across the planet since its inception in 1979. 

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According to Breitbart, Alex has visited the White House more than 17 times in the last several years. He and his father have already given the maximum allowable donation ($6,600) to the Joe Biden re-election campaign. 

The Soros family has given tens of millions of dollars to Democratic candidates. In April, George made a $60 million donation to a political action committee that supports Democrats and Planned Parenthood initiatives.

The article Soros shared on his X account was written by Svante Myrick, the president of People for the American Way, a left-wing organization co-founded in 1981 by television producer Norman Lear and University of Notre Dame president Father Theodore Hesburgh, among others.  

In his essay, Myrick ludicrously argued that Butker was promoting a “fantasy” when he suggested women would likely glean more pleasure and meaning from raising their children instead of future professional accolades.

During his speech, Butker told female graduates to applause, “Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.” He became visibly choked up as he spoke about his wife, who converted to the Catholic faith and embraced “one of the most important titles of all: homemaker.” 

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Butker has since doubled down on his commencement address. During a speech at a fundraising event in Nashville for a classical pre-K-12 homeschool hybrid for Catholic families, Butker, who serves on the academy’s board, unapologetically stood by his remarks.  

“Our love for Jesus, and thus our desire to speak out, should never be outweighed by the longing of our fallen nature to be loved by the world. Glorifying God, and not ourselves, should always remain our motivation despite any pushback or even support,” he said to applause. 

Unlike Butker, Soros is unmarried and has no children. He is currently dating former longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, the ex-wife of former disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Soros and former U.S. President Bill Clinton controversially met with Pope Francis at the Vatican in July 2023 for a private audience. At the time, Soros was accompanying Clinton on his recent travels, with the pair having come from Albania the day before, where the pro-abortion former president had been awarded the Great Star of Gratitude for Public Achievements. The Vatican did not acknowledge Soros’ presence at the meeting at the time.  

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Francis later spoke with Clinton via webcam about “climate change” during a conference for his pro-LGBT Clinton Global Initiative in New York, which also featured events promoting abortion and “gender transitioning” children. Catholics criticized the move as lending support to the group’s overarching globalist agenda. 

George and Alex Soros have not only won the ire of pro-family and Christian organizations for their efforts to oppose conservative policies but have also earned criticism from X owner and fellow billionaire Elon Musk, who has said that the elder Soros “hates humanity” and “wants to erode the very fabric of civilization.” 


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