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(LifeSiteNews) — Georgia’s incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp, a champion for the pro-life cause, defeated pro-abortion candidate Stacey Abrams for the second time.

The Republican governor won 53.4 percent of the vote with 98 percent of the ballots counted. Abrams, who had the backing of Hollywood elites, famously flip-flopped on an economic boycott of the state in 2021 after it passed a series of election integrity measures.

Abrams, a former minority leader of the Georgia House, is staunchly pro-abortion and was an outspoken opponent of the state’s heartbeat bill, protecting the life of the unborn child from detection of cardiac activity, usually around six weeks into a pregnancy. At the time, she called the bill “abominable” and “evil,” and bad for “morality and our humanity” as well as “bad for business,'” as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

During his victory speech, Kemp said, “Our message to voters was about making sure they had the opportunity to achieve the American dream right here in the Peach State, no matter their zip code.”

“[I] think we live in the best state in the country to live work and raise our families. And we all know that my opponent disagreed but looking at the results tonight we made sure that Stacey Abrams is not going to be our governor or your next president,” the governor said to applause.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America released a statement celebrating Kemp’s victory.

“Governor Brian Kemp’s re-election confirms life is a winning issue in Georgia and for courageous candidates nationwide. Stacey Abrams’ wildly misinformed views about unborn human life and her fellow Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda alienate not only Georgians but the majority of Americans, too,” President Marjorie Dannenfelser said.

“Unlike Abrams, who denies that unborn babies are human beings with real heartbeats and proposes abortion on demand in response to poverty, Kemp consistently stands with unborn and their mothers – signing heartbeat protections into law and expanding Georgia’s pro-life safety net for women and children. This stark contrast is an important factor in propelling pro-life champions like Kemp to victory.”

The Republican Governor’s Association also celebrated Kemp’s success, noting that he has made “Georgia the number one state for business, giving teachers a pay raise, standing up for parents’ rights, and working with law enforcement to keep criminals off the streets.”

“Governor Brian Kemp has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Georgians over the last four years, and he has overwhelmingly earned four more.”

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