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Cardinal Reinhard Marx at the German bishops' 'Synodal Path' assembly, Jan. 2020.Rudolf Gehrig / CNA Deutsch

MUNICH, Germany (LifeSiteNews) – The most senior German cardinal in the Catholic Church has expressed his support for ordaining homosexual men to the priesthood, in the latest attack on Magisterial teaching by the prelate.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx made the comments at a press conference yesterday in Munich where he was responding to a new report alleging he and several of his predecessors, including then-archbishop Josef Ratzinger (Pope emeritus Benedict XVI), mishandled multiple sexual abuse cases as archbishops of Munich and Freising.

After reading a prepared statement lamenting the abuse, Marx went on to tell reporters that synodality was “the basic requirement for a new church” and that homosexuality should not be a restriction on the “ability of becoming a priest.”

“How do we deal with the homosexuality of priests?” he asked. “Not everyone is forced to declare [to others] their own sexual inclination, whether he is heterosexual or homosexual. He must decide that [whether to declare it] for himself.”

“But if he does [declare it], then that is to be respected and then this is not a restriction on his ability of becoming a priest,” Marx continued. “That is my position and we have to stand up for it.”

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Jesuit Order: Censure James Martin, SJ, for offending Poland by blaspheming the Black Madonna
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Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.

The image of Our Lady of Czestochowa is venerated and revered in Poland as representing the Virgin Mary, who is the patroness and protectress of the country.

As has been said in other fora, the history of this sacred image is the history of Poland and the Polish people...a history of struggle and resilience, steeped in orthodox Roman Catholicism.

Therefore, when James Martin, SJ, promoted an image on Twitter of the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord with sodomite rainbow-halos around their heads, he deeply offended Polish religion, history, culture and tradition.

With his typical devil-may-care attitude, Martin's reproduction of this vile image instantly offended a whole nation.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition urging the Superior General of the Jesuit Order to publicly censure James Martin, SJ, for the scandal he caused in insulting Poles everywhere, their culture, their traditions and their religion.

This petition will be hand-delivered to the Headquarters of the Jesuit Order in Rome.

Martin needs to get the message that his erroneous ideas about religion and culture, coupled with his recklessness when it comes to others' religious sensibilities and beliefs, cannot be given a free pass.

This petition asks the Superior General of the Jesuit Order to issue a public censure to Fr. Martin over his promotion and display of this blasphemous image.

Of course, the reason people are really outraged at James Martin, SJ, is not just because he offended Poland and the Poles, but because he is blaspheming Our Lady and Our Lord with this foul image.

Fr. Martin clearly crossed the line with his decision to subvert this holy icon. His actions are a stain on the Jesuit Order.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING, today.

And, after you have signed the petition, please take a moment to politely contact the Jesuit Order in Rome, by phone or by leaving an email message. Or, please contact the nearest Jesuit House, as listed below.

Let them know that you are shocked and appalled that Fr. James Martin is allowed to freely offend the religious sensibilities and beliefs of the Polish nation, and of the entire Catholic Church. Let them know that God will not be mocked, and that the Blessed Virgin must also be deeply offended by his promotion of this blasphemous depiction. And, finally, let them know that this is a stain on the Jesuit Order for letting Fr. Martin "run wild."

CONTACT THE JESUIT ORDER (scroll down to find the Jesuit House located closest to you):

Headquarters in Rome:

Telephone: +39-06-698681

Leave an email message using their contact form:

Headquarters in Poland:

Northern Province - Telephone: +48 22 542 10 00; email: [email protected]

Southern Province - Telephone: +48 12 428 15 00; email: [email protected]

Headquarters in the US:

Leave an email message using their contact form:

Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province:

Telephone: (314) 361-7765

USA East Province of the Society of Jesus:

Telephone: (212) 774-5500

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USA Jesuits West:

Telephone: (503) 226-6977

Jesuits of Canada:

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Jesuits in Britain:

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Australian Jesuits:

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'Polish police arrest woman for ‘profaning’ famous ‘black madonna’ with LGBT rainbow' -

**Photo Credit: YouTube/Twitter Screen Capture

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The comments follow over 120 German priests, church employees, and other laity coming out as “LGBT” in a televised documentary earlier in the week, with the newly launched “OutinChurch” lobby group seeking to overturn perennial Catholic teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts.

One bishop, Helmut Dieser of Aachen, appeared in the documentary and claimed that the Catholic Church needs to change its biblical position and laws regarding the question of homosexuality.

The Church teaches that feeling same-sex attraction itself is not a sin, but the inclination itself is “intrinsically disordered,” and homosexual acts are always considered “sinful,” “intrinsically disordered,” and “contrary to natural law,” as explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Marx’s call for the ordination of homosexual men contradicts repeated statements from the Vatican banning people from seminary and Holy Orders who “practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture’.”

A 2005 instruction from the Congregation for Catholic Education states that “if a candidate practices homosexuality or presents deep-seated homosexual tendencies, his spiritual director as well as his confessor have the duty to dissuade him in conscience from proceeding towards ordination,” and that it “would be gravely dishonest for a candidate to hide his own homosexuality in order to proceed, despite everything, towards ordination.”

Released during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, that instruction was reiterated in a 2016 Congregation for Clergy ratio on priestly formation approved by Pope Francis.

Church norms maintain that any “transitory” homosexual tendencies have to be “clearly overcome” three years before ordination to the diaconate.

Cardinal Marx had offered his resignation to Pope Francis in June last year as a result of the widespread mishandling of sexual abuse cases in the church, but this was turned down by the Argentine pontiff.

As LifeSite’s Dr. Maike Hickson wrote at the time, “Since Cardinal Marx had previously spoken with Pope Francis about this letter, and since Pope Francis gave him his approval for publishing this private letter, it is clear that we are dealing with a well-planned event that has its purposes.”