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(LifeSiteNews) — Several German daycare centers have promoted “sexual exploration rooms” for small children to engage with themselves and each other sexually.

According to a report by the German newspaper Die Welt, two daycares in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) provide “protected spaces” into which children can withdraw “to discover and satisfy themselves physically.” The written sexual education concept of a daycare center in Kerpen states that it offers children “free space to try out their childlike sexuality.” It furthermore says that “masturbation is something normal” and that “allowing masturbation” in daycare centers is “of great importance.”

In another daycare center in Rheinberg, “doctor games” are reportedly prepared for the children in separate rooms. The concept, which was made public and criticized by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party, states that children “carefully choose the child who they will play with” and “it is explained to the children that no objects are inserted into body orifices (e.g., genitals).”

Asked by Die Welt about these daycare concepts, the Children’s Ministry of NRW, led by the far-left Green Party, replied that “sexual behaviors of children” could “not be prevented.” While the ministry emphasized that “separate rooms solely for sexual self-exploration in daycare centers” are “not intended,” they said they would not contact the two daycare centers to intervene.

Psychotherapist Christian Spaemann warned that in this kind of setting assaults by children on their peers would happen “so quickly that kindergarten teachers are usually too late” to intervene.

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The report by Die Welt notes that these radical “sexual education” concepts are rarely put into practice because parents have the right to intervene and reject these practices and would often do so. State youth welfare offices would not allow such “exploration rooms” if they knew about them, even in NRW.

The “conservative” Christian Democrats (CDU), who are in a government coalition with the Green Party in NRW, did not criticize the “exploration rooms” but instead fell in line with the agenda of the Green Party. Only the AfD protested against these daycare center concepts in NRW. AfD politician Zacharias Schalley warned that “children are already being indoctrinated with the woke ideology. One should let children be children.”

A similar “sexual education” concept found in a daycare center in Hanover, Lower Saxony, was made public by the German newspaper Bild in June. The proposed guidelines encouraged children to “pet and examine” themselves and their peers in a “Body Exploration Room.”

“My daughter is five years old,” one father told Bild. “I don’t want boys groping her. I have another child in another daycare center where there is no such thing.”

After intense protest from parents, the Ministry of Education in Lower Saxony stated, “The educational concept in this form endangers the well-being of the child.” The daycare center in Hanover had to cancel the controversial project.

Modern ‘sexual education’ is based on the ideas of pedophiles

In 2022, it was announced that two “LBGT daycare centers” are set to open in Berlin. One of the board members of the organization running the daycare center, Rüdiger Lautmann, is a known advocate for the normalization of pedophilia.

In his 1994 book titled “The Lust for the Child,” Lautmann interviews several pedophiles with the officially stated goal of gaining new insight into the psychological disorder. However, Lautmann defended pedophiles by distinguishing between pedophile abuse and “real pedophilia.” This form of pedophilia is not a psychological disorder, according to Lautmann, but a legitimate form of sexuality that some children would want and enjoy.

In 2008, Lautmann wrote a positive obituary about Helmut Kentler, calling him a “beacon of light.” Kentler was, however, later identified to be behind one of the biggest pedophile abuse scandals in German history.

For decades, Berlin’s youth welfare offices placed children and adolescents in the “care” of pedophile offenders, who sexually abused them for years. The mastermind behind this pedophile network was Helmut Kentler.

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Professor Kentler was one of the most respected sexologists of this time, and his ideas found their way into the curricula of public schools. According to a documentary by the pro-family organization Demo Für Alle, the so-called “sexual education of diversity” taught in many schools (and now also in daycare centers) is based on Kentler’s basic premise of the “child as a sexual being.”

One of Kentler’s students, Uwe Sielert, founded the “sexual education of diversity” and has “monopolized” sexual education in Germany, Demo Für Alle co-founder Hedwig von Beverfoerde explained in the documentary.

In Sielert’s sex-ed curriculum, children learn about homosexuality’s “dark rooms” and “dirty sex” early on. Kentler and Sielert also asserted that children are more protected against sexual abuse if they “know more” about sex.

“It is exactly the other way around,” von Beverfoerde said. If children are sexualized, they are more likely to become victims of sexual abuse because they view it as “normal” if “sexual acts are done with them, on them, or in front of them.”

“Modern sex education breathes this pedo-criminal spirit of Helmut Kentler from A to Z,” she concluded.