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German health minister Karl LauterbachTed Talk / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Germany’s health minister has admitted that the COVID-19 injections can cause permanent disabilities after previously claiming that the jabs are without side effects. 

In an interview with the German state media outlet ZDF on March 12, 2023, health minister Karl Lauterbach was confronted with cases of people who suffered injuries from the COVID shots, including a 17-year-old gymnast who was hospitalized and nearly died after receiving the BioNTech COVID injection.

“These fates are absolutely dismaying, and every single fate is one too many,” Lauterbach said. 

“These are severe disabilities, and some of them will be permanent, so it’s difficult,” he added. 

Lauterbach called for “a faster process of recognizing vaccine injuries” and claimed that “serious vaccine injuries” occur in “fewer than 1 in 10,000 vaccinations, according to data from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI).” 

News anchor Christian Sievers confronted Lauterbach with his previous statements regarding vaccine safety. In a tweet from August 2021, Lauterbach wrote: 

True. And additionally, it’s about why a minority of society doesn’t want a side-effect-free vaccine, even though it’s free and can save their lives and the lives of many others. Therefore, I am pessimistic about voluntary sacrifices for climate protection. [emphasis added] 

“Well, that was an exaggeration that I made once in a botched tweet. But it wasn’t fundamentally my attitude,” the German health minister said. 

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Sievers pushed back against Lauterbach, saying that the health minister had “always given the impression that the issue of [vaccine] side effects is not really an issue at all.” 

“No, that’s not right,” Lauterbach replied. “I just told you, I’ve always known the numbers. They have also remained relatively stable. These vaccines are used worldwide. 1 in 10,000. So you can say it’s a lot or you can say it’s not so much.” 

“It is, in fact, a vaccination that protects against very severe disease and, by the way, very often lowers ‘Long COVID’ risk,” he continued. 

“The benefits outweigh the risks, but it’s right, 1 in 10,000, that’s the incidence of severe side effects.” 

Executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Steve Kirsch, disagreed with Lauterbach’s risk assessment. 

There is ample evidence that severe side effects, including death, from the COVID injections, occur much more frequently than Lauterbach claims. A recent survey carried out by a polling institute in Germany found that 23% of participants said that they experienced “severe adverse effects” after receiving COVID-19 injections. Furthermore, Germany led Western nations in excess deaths since the rollout of the COVID shots, with a 44 percent increase recorded in January 2023. 

Another concerning fact is the significant decline in live births nine months after the COVID jab rollout. The German Federal Institute for Population Research carried out a study that showed “strong associations between the onset of vaccination programs and the fertility decline nine months after this onset.”

Big Pharma excluded from liability 

In their contracts with the European Union (EU), pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and BioNTech were exempted from liability, making it almost impossible for victims of their mRNA injections to successfully sue these corporations for damages. 

In his interview with Lauterbach, Sievers mentioned that due to the EU contracts exempting the pharma giants from liability, the German state is therefore liable and has to deal with claims for damages of people injured by the mRNA shots. 

The German health minister said that since the pharmaceutical companies generated “exorbitant profits” he expects them to make “voluntary contributions” to pay for the medical costs incurred by people with vaccine injuries.