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HANNOVER, Germany (LifeSiteNews) — A prominent German professor of economics is using official data to argue that COVID-19 vaccines have failed to reduce the number of excess deaths last year, showing in fact the number has increased.

Stefan Homburg is a German professor of economics and former director of Public Finance at the University of Hannover who gained notoriety in 2020 for his criticism of Germany’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, particularly lockdown measures and the vaccine mandates.

Homburg frequently takes to Twitter and uses official data to debunk claims by government officials and the mainstream media regarding the alleged efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

In one of his latest tweets, published Thursday, Homburg pointed to data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany showing that the number of deaths in Germany for the year 2021 has increased by 43,000 compared to 2020.

“The illusion: [the vaccine] protects from severe illness and death,” he wrote. “The reality: an enormous increase in mortality in 2021 compared to the unprotected ‘pandemic year’ 2020.”

In the comment section of his tweet, Homburg explained that the strong increase in mortality cannot be explained by mere demographic factors such as an ageing population, as this would only account for “a few extra thousand deaths at best.”

Another user also commented:

Here is what many people don’t get from your tweet: we are not seeing a reduction in mortality, yet we should be able to see one if you consider that COVID causes a high number of deaths of approximately 40,000 people a year, and if vaccination protects from death. A vaccination without benefit cannot become compulsory.

Indeed, despite claims by various governments and mainstream media outlets that the “vaccines are working,” COVID cases, as well as hospitalizations, have been on the rise in Europe and elsewhere, which unvaccinated people are frequently being blamed for.

But data from various countries on COVID-19 hospitalizations point in fact to a pandemic of the fully vaccinated. This is because the protection provided by the jabs against the virus is fast waning and insufficient, and can cause a weakening of the immune system.

In two more recent tweets, Homburg alluded to a pandemic of the fully vaccinated as seen for instance in the U.K. or in Israel where 46% of adults are now thrice vaccinated and yet account for 70% of new COVID cases.

The unexplained increase of mortality in Germany last year also happens to coincide with a rising number of reported adverse events linked to vaccination against COVID-19 in Europe, including death cases.