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(LifeSiteNews) – A school in Germany promoted transgender surgeries in a biology class for eleven- and twelve-year-old children, according to a report by the German newspaper Bild.  

“In biology class, students were given worksheets in which the complicated topic of gender reassignment [sic] is treated like a natural and straightforward surgery,” Bild reporter Zara Riffler wrote. 

Bild provided a photograph of a worksheet used in class at the Hildegard of Bingen school in Cologne, which was seemingly provided to the newspaper by concerned parents.

Source: Bild 

The worksheet with the heading “social gender” gives examples of gender-confused persons and asks the student to categorize these individuals. Some of the examples include: 

  • “Zeynep feels born in the wrong body. She*he wants to have surgery as soon as possible to finally live as a man.” 
  • “Lea spends her day as a woman or a man depending on how she feels in the morning. Sometimes as a woman, sometimes as a man.” 
  • “For as long as Paul can remember, she*he has felt like a woman. Whether she*he will have her*his biological sex surgically adjusted, she*he doesn’t know yet.”

Furthermore, students are asked to check the boxes of the “correct” statements regarding “social gender.” 

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According to Bild, which spoke with concerned parents at the Hildegard of Bingen school, the teacher did not address the significant consequences and risks associated with so-called “gender reassignment surgeries.”  

Bild journalist Riffler also noted that it is problematic that the worksheets came from the “Puberty Portal” of the online German educational platform Lehrer-Online. The material on the site was created by the feminine product company Always, which may well have an economic interest in pushing transgender ideology.  

In Canada and the U.S., Always is already testing a market for “transgender people,” said Rona Duwe, a women’s activist and member of the activist group “Let women speak.” 

“That they are apparently trying to influence sex education in Germany via the platform ‘teacher online’ is more than disconcerting,” Duwe told Bild. 

While the Hildegard of Bingen school did not respond to questions from Bild, the school ministry of the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia stated that “[d]iverse gender-related biographies should be addressed in school.” It added, however, that “medical consultation,” if and when someone can undergo “gender reassignment” surgery, “does not belong to the tasks of a school.”  

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A mother of one of the students told Bild that “[t]hese worksheets, on which non-scientific terms from the [transgender] community are used, solidify roles and stereotypes. The child, who is not comfortable with this sexualization, is taught that his body is wrong and needs to be surgically adjusted.” 

The push for pro-transgender policies by left-wing politicians, educational institutions, and LGBT activists continues despite the fact of the growing number of “de-transitioners” who regret having hormone interventions and surgeries that cause irreversible damage to their bodies and minds.   

Moreover, many European medical officials have repeatedly warned about the devastating physical and mental consequences of transgender surgeries and drugs for children. 


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