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(LifeSiteNews) — Among highly vaccinated Western nations, Germany is leading the pack in excess deaths according to available data with a 44 percent increase recorded in January.

Dr. John Campbell produced a video presenting the data from Germany and compared it with other nations that have also seen increases but not as high.

Campbell called it a “massive spike” and called it a “matter of massive concern.”

“Why isn’t this being discussed all over the place?” he asked.

The data he referenced was from Our World in Data, which is a health stats information hub that has accumulated loads of data from all the countries that have made it available for public inquiry.

Although Germany was the highest, Campbell said the information coming from all countries was “remarkably concerning.”

Australia showed excess deaths on average higher than 10 percent of what is to be expected for most of 2022, and which had a significant spike in deaths during the spread of the omicron variant, which was noted for being much less severe than other variants.

In January, Denmark recorded a spike in excess deaths 30 percent above the average, which Campbell called “absolutely incredible.”

England and Wales have recorded since March 2022 an approximate average of 20 percent excess deaths until now, which Campbell said “accounts for well over 60,000 deaths.”

“Just imagine 60,000 people had been killed in a terrorist attack or an earthquake,” he said. “This would be rather big news, but because 60,000 people have died mostly at home, people aren’t talking about it.”

“We are talking about it, and we want answers,” he added.

According to the most recent data from France, there has been a spike of about 25 percent above average excess mortality in that nation.

The Netherlands recorded excess deaths almost as high as Germany in January, reaching upward of 37 percent. Norway recorded similar numbers, reaching upward of 30 percent excess mortality in January as well.

After going through the litany of nations that have experienced spikes in excess deaths, Campbell asked, “Why is this not the main international story? Our people are dying.”

Concerns about the rise of excess deaths have led some medical experts to take a deeper dive into the data, considering not just the rate of excess deaths but the stratification across age groups.

Writing at The Daily Sceptic, Dr. Josh Guetzkow published information provided to him by Professor Christof Kuhbandner, who noted that during waves of COVID variants, the excess deaths are most common in age groups that were expected to have died from COVID-associated deaths.

He noted that after a spike in COVID-associated deaths, there were deficits in excess deaths due to the fact that COVID deaths were recorded in sickly and elderly people who “would have died within the next few months anyway.”

He added that the pattern changed “from April 2021 onwards – the start of the vaccination campaign.”

“Suddenly, an excess mortality appears that is no longer dependent on age, and which is no longer compensated for by subsequent phases of a mortality deficit.”

Referring to the German data that showed a notable spike in deaths in age groups not at risk for severe COVID outcomes, he concluded that the information “at least suggests that Covid vaccine-induced deaths are not extremely unlikely.