By Gudrun Schultz

Eva HermanBERLIN, Germany, March 20, 2007 ( – A leading German TV-moderator and anchorwoman of the country’s top newscast caused an uproar last year when she admitted to regretting her three divorces, and condemned abortion, Die-Tagespost reported.

  Eva Herman published her account of the fatal flaws in a career-oriented lifestyle in a bestselling book entitled “The Eva-Principle: Towards a New Femininity”, released last year. Now she’s published a second book, this one containing letters from women supporting her rejection of feminist self-fulfillment propaganda, reported The Spiegal news magazine.

  Her sequel, Dear Eva Herman, captures the responses of women who welcomed the admission that professional success had not compensated for the loss of genuine family life.

“The fact you’ve been criticized as being a traitor towards women shows just what sort of femi-fascism we have to live under nowadays,” one woman wrote.

  In The Eva-Principle, Herman tore open the issue of abortion as a violation of the woman, blaming pro-abortion laws for minimizing the trauma of abortion as nothing worse than going to the dentist. 

  Her book was founded on a rejection of the feminist goals of emancipation, career success and self-fulfillment, replacing them instead with the “radical” goals of motherhood, home-maker and marriage-partner.

“Let’s just say it loud,” Herman wrote. “We women have overburdened ourselves—we allowed ourselves to be too easily seduced by career opportunities.”

  Herman’s books are part of a new wave of anti-feminism in Germany, The Speigel reported, with growing numbers of professional women rejecting the feminist drive for career success in favor of a return to family life and motherhood.

  Herman encouraged women to leave professional work environments for the “colorful world of children” and discover their “destiny of nurturing the home environment.”

  Response to her revelatory work was extreme, with feminists in outrage over the perceived betrayal of one of their own. Others found Herman’s statements a relief.

  With the lowest birthrate in Europe at just 1.3 children per woman, the country’s reproductive crisis lends weight to the arguments of the “new feminism”—despite a massive government-funded initiative to encourage women to have more children, Germany’s birthrate has failed to improve significantly.

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