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Erin O'Toole, former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, ousted by his own party in Feb. 2022.Global News / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) – Candidates running for the Conservative Party in the up-coming Canadian election will be tested daily if they are not vaccinated for COVID-19, federal Conservative leader Erin O’Toole said this week, as Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford threatens the party membership of two of his caucus members if they continue to refuse the jab.

The federal Liberals and federal NDP have mandated vaccinations against COVID-19 for their candidates, while the federal Conservatives have left that choice up to the individual candidate, but require that they submit daily rapid tests in order to seek election.

O’Toole was at a campaign stop in Quebec City on Wednesday when asked about his stance on vaccine requirements for caucus members, and whether or not he would require a similar policy as the federal Liberals, NDP, and Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

He responded, speaking in French: “Vaccines are a very important tool for combating COVID-19. I encourage all Quebeckers and all Canadians to get vaccinated, including my candidates and MPs. I expect my team to have a sold approach on all health measures across the country, including vaccines. But I will respect personal health decisions. But we need to use daily rapid testing if we have a candidate who is not vaccinated.”

The party also sent a directive to candidates that they will have to pay for their own tests.

O’Toole then doubled down on his pro-vaccination stance: “I will repeat: Vaccines are very important. That’s why I’ve fought for adequate supply over the past year.”

At the same campaign event, he was also asked about his stance on abortion. “I am pro-choice, and I have always been pro-choice,” he answered.

Ford’s office confirmed that two Members of Provincial Parliament have still not taken the experimental jab. Chief Government Whip Lorne Cole gave an ultimatum to the party members: they have until Thursday August 19 at 5:00PM to take the shot, or they have to provide an official medical exemption. Failure to comply with the ultimatum will result in their expulsion from the party caucus.

This is not the first time that Premier Ford has kicked members of his caucus out for not complying with the party narrative and response to COVID-19. Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios was booted from PC caucus last year after voting against pandemic emergency powers bill. At the time she called the bill, which was used to justify seemingly indefinite application of restrictions on Ontario citizens, an “unnecessary overreach” on parliamentary democracy. Karahalios has since launched a new political party with her husband, Jim Karahalios, called the New Blue Party of Ontario.

Roman Baber, another MPP, was kicked out of the party by Ford in January of 2021 after he sent the provincial leader a two-page letter calling the provincial lockdown “deadlier than COVID.”

The insistence on vaccinations by political leaders comes as the left-leaning Canadian magazine Maclean’s released an article relaying polling information that suggests that the typical “vaccine hesitant” person is a 42-year-old Ontario woman who votes Liberal.


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