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 Love Life Charlotte Facebook page

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, December 4, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Thousands of pro-lifers prayed around their city’s busiest abortion center on Saturday, causing a significant reduction in the day’s abortions.

The “prayer walk” was organized by Love Life Charlotte, which focuses on “uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life that will bring an end to abortion in Charlotte.”

The participants of Love Life Charlotte been praying at A Preferred Women’s Health Center on Latrobe Drive for the past 39 weeks. Saturday marked the final week of their 40-week prayer campaign, which they say is based on the number of weeks from conception to birth.

According to Robin Marty at the pro-abortion news site Rewire, “the number of protesters was more than enough to drop the clinic's full Saturday roster to less than half of the typical number of patients it sees.”

“As of the beginning of November, the clinic had already seen 12,000 protesters this year—with at least two events drawing more than 1,000 protesters each,” Marty reported.

There were so many pro-lifers that “clinic escorts and reproductive rights allies” came all the way “from Kentucky and Alabama” to try to steer abortion-minded women away from the pro-lifers and into the abortion facility.

Sunday’s prayer walk was “just the beginning of our work to bring a culture of love and life to Charlotte,” said Justin Reeder, Founder of Love Life Charlotte. He said more than 100 churches participated.

“With the help of our ministry partners, Love Life Charlotte has provided housing, jobs, baby showers, mentoring and additional resources to many of the 814 families that have chosen life on the sidewalks on Latrobe Drive over the last two years,” Reeder explained. “In 2017 Love Life Charlotte expanded our outreach to bring hope to hopeless children through our Orphan Care Ministry focused on foster care and adoption options.”

Photos of the event can be viewed on Marty’s flickr page and at the Love Life Charlotte Facebook page.