TORONTO, August 10, 2010 ( – Pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons appeared before Madam Justice Mara Beth Greene today, but no ruling was issued as was expected.  The College Park courtroom was packed with pro-life supporters, with many more outside staging a Show the Truth demonstration witnessing with large signs the reality of abortion.

Numerous police officers attended the court proceedings.  According to one eye-witness, “One female police officer took great pains to restrict Linda's view of the participants.” Gibbons was reserved, silent, and particularly attentive throughout the hearing.

Charles Lewis, National Post reporter who last week wrote a front-page extensive news report published in the paper regarding Linda's saga, sat in the front row and was there for the entire day. 

Also in attendance was Mary Wagner, a young woman who has followed in Gibbons footsteps and was herself only released from jail for pro-life witness last month. 

Judge Greene was described as “lively and inquisitive” throughout, finding once that the Crown had put forward contradictory arguments.

Gibbons has been imprisoned continuously since Jan. 20, 2009, when she was arrested outside the downtown “Scott Clinic,” which is protected by a 1994 court injunction banning pro-life activity within a specified zone.

Daniel Santoro, lawyer for Gibbons argued that the “temporary injunction” was “abusive” to Linda Gibbons. 

The case was remanded until the first week in September, which means at least four more weeks of incarceration for the great-grandmother.
Linda very much welcomes mail and is allowed two prison visits a week (max. 2 persons per visit)

Visitors must call the prison at least 48 hours in advance and show up at least 15 minutes before the visit. Call 905-876-8300

Mail can be sent to the following address:

Vanier Centre for Women
665 Martin St.
Milton Ontario
L9T 5E6

There are some mailing guidelines because the Detention Centre mailing department reads everything sent to the inmates:

1. Don't use stickers (address, return address, pro-life) on the envelope or card.
2. Don't send any laminated cards, bookmarks, prayer cards, pro-life pamphlets. Non-laminated items will get to her.
3. Don't ask direct questions about daily activity of the detention centre.
4. Put your address directly in the card or letter. (Sometimes the mail sorter keeps the envelope and Linda feels badly if she can't write back.)
5. If you would like to send a little monetary gift to Linda it must be a money order made out to “Linda Gibbons.” The detention centre will deposit the money directly to her account. She uses any donations for envelopes and stamps.
6. Many people add a variety of Christian reading material in their mailings to her. She often shares articles with others in the Centre. She can receive pro-life material that show the development of the baby but not post abortion photos. She can't receive books. Try to stick to one or two pages of reading materials or pamphlets.