LIFESITE, October 31, 2003 ( – In a widely circulated review of Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion” Catholic Deacon Keith Fournier emphasizes “There is not a scintilla of anti-Semitism to be found anywhere in this powerful film.”  Fournier was invited, along with many other Washington “movers and shakers” to a special preview of the controversial film that the major U.S. movie companies have declined to distribute.

After seeing “The Passion” Fournier wrote, “it was an encounter, unlike anything I have ever experienced. In addition to being a masterpiece of film making and an artistic triumph, ‘The Passion’ evoked more deep reflection, sorrow and emotional reaction within me than anything since my wedding, my ordination or the birth of my children. Frankly, I will never be the same.”  Fournier and the other viewers were asking themselves after the viewing, “Why is this film considered by some to be ‘anti-Semitic?’ He continued, “having now experienced (you do not ‘view’ this film) ‘the Passion’ it is a question that is impossible to answer. A law professor whom I admire sat in front of me. He raised his hand and responded ‘After watching this film, I do not understand how anyone can insinuate that it even remotely presents that the Jews killed Jesus. It doesn’t.’ He continued ‘It made me realize that my sins killed Jesus’.”  See the complete Fournier Review Passionate About the Passion at