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Rudy Giuliani in a Nov. 18, 2020 video explaining how American votes were tallied in foreign countries in the 2020 presidential election. Rudy Giuliani / Youtube screen grab

April 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — FBI agents showed no interest in evidence of Hunter Biden’s crimes during their “extraordinary” search of Rudy Giuliani’s home, the former New York Mayor and Trump attorney told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an interview Thursday.

The FBI confiscated computers and cell phones from Giuliani’s office and apartment Wednesday, ostensibly part of a criminal investigation into whether Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian officials. 

Giuliani told Carlson he was “woken by a loud ‘bang’ at 6 a.m. Wednesday” and being greeted by seven FBI agents at his door with a search warrant. “I looked at the warrant, and I said, ‘You know, this is extraordinary because I offered to give these to the government and talk it over with them for two years.” He added that the agents seemed “apologetic” and conducted themselves “very professional and very gentlemanly.”

“The search warrant is on one single failure to file for representing a Ukrainian national or official that I never represented,” Giuliani said. “I never represented a Ukrainian national or official before the United States government. I’ve declined it several times. I’ve had contracts in countries like Ukraine. In the contract is a clause that says I will not engage in lobbying or foreign representation. I don’t do it because I felt it would be too compromising.”

The former mayor noted that the agents were uninterested in three hard drives containing data from presidential son Hunter Biden’s infamously-discarded computer that Giuliani had in his possession.

“I said, ‘Are you sure you don’t want them?’ I mean the warrant required them to take it,” he recalled. “And they said, ‘No, no, no.’ One last time, I said, ‘Don’t you think you should take it?’ And they said, ‘No.’” They were “completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden’s hard drives. I mean, they could have been Donald Trump’s. They could have been Vladimir Putin’s. They could have been anybody’s.”

“But they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning, because — I’m going to destroy the evidence? I’ve known about this for two years, Tucker,” Giuliani said. “I could have destroyed the evidence. The evidence is exculpatory. It proves the president and I and all of us are innocent. They are the ones who are committing — it’s like projection. They are committing the crimes.”

Ukraine became a major subject in U.S. politics when former President Donald Trump requested that the country’s president help investigate foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election, as well as then-Vice President Joe Biden’s role in the ouster of a prosecutor who had been investigating his son’s business dealings in the country. The propriety of that request was the subject of the first failed attempt to impeach Trump.

Carlson also addressed the situation with a monologue on his show, arguing that it’s only the latest example of how federal agencies under President Joe Biden “haven’t hesitated to use the force of law to punish their political opponents.”

Giuliani’s offense, Carlson said, was “being Trump’s lawyer — that, and having the gall to try to learn more about what exactly Joe Biden and his son were doing in Ukraine several years ago. The Justice Department announced today that asking too many questions about Biden’s dealings in Ukraine is now a crime. They called it something else, but that’s what Giuliani did.”