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(LifeSiteNews) — Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck recently bought original documents from the Roe v. Wade case to exhibit alongside abortion regret stories, serving as a “historical reminder” not to murder the unborn.

Last week, Beck purchased the archive of documents related to the original landmark 1973 abortion case from Linda Coffee, the attorney who argued for abortion access across the United States. The documents were for sale at an auction, where Beck became the owner on March 6.

“As a pro-life activist, Glenn doesn’t want the lives of the 60 million+ babies who died between Roe v. Wade in 1973 and the Dobbs decision in 2022 to go unforgotten,” reads a March 9 blog post from Beck’s website. “He purchased the archive so that it wouldn’t be treated as a relic of abortion in someone else’s collection, but rather as a historical reminder to never sacrifice human life for the sake of freedom EVER again.”

Beck plans to display the historical documents alongside stories of women who obtained abortions but later regretted their decisions. In the same post, he invites victims of abortion to share their experiences and contribute to the “historical vault surrounding the history of abortion.”

“There are two parties in abortion that need to be protected: the baby AND the mother. Glenn wants to honor the mothers who regret their abortions just as much as the babies who lost their lives to the procedure. If YOU had an abortion and regret it, or if you were planning on having an abortion and decided not to, Glenn wants to hear from YOU and honor your story.”

Women who “feel inclined” to share their stories are asked to write an account of their experiences and send it to Beck. Contributions may be anonymous.

Beck told The Blaze that while the archive was sold for $615,632, “the real price of these documents were the lives of at least 60 million children.”

“I think this case joined with the testimony of those who have now had abortions who are forever scarred will be a powerful presentation,” Beck said. “It is not just the life of the baby we all should be concerned about, but also that of the mother. The killing of one’s unborn child can hold a mother in suffering for the rest of her life.”

LifeSiteNews contacted Beck for comment and additional details but did not immediately receive a response.

The practice of sharing testimonies of regret after abortion is a highly effective method of revealing the truth about abortion, both what the procedure is as well as the long-term damage experienced by both men and women. One pro-life organization dedicated to preventing abortion through personal testimony is Silent No More. The group, founded in 2002, seeks to connect with those suffering from abortion regret to share personal experiences with the hope that others will choose life instead of death.

The Silent No More Campaign has “held 2,305 gatherings in 17 countries & all 50 states” as of February 2023, according to the organization’s website. A combined total of 6,986 men and women have publicly shared their testimonies about regretted abortion.

Additionally, “testimonies have also been shared at 174 high schools and universities in the last 12 years,” and 3,092 stories have been posted to the group’s website.

In April 2022, 15 women gathered outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Mississippi — the defendant in the historic Dobbs case — to share their abortion experiences and regret. Four babies were saved from abortion that day and one staff member left her job at the killing center.


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