Tuesday March 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Tells Pro-Lifers: ‘There is a Profound Evil Coming our Way’

By Martha Schieber

March 30, 2010 ( – Before a sold-out audience of 1,200 enthusiastic pro-life supporters, Glenn Beck warned of a “profound change” coming to America that he said would wreak havoc on the sanctity of life. Beck’s comments came at the Vitae Foundation’s 18th annual pro-life benefit dinner in Jefferson City, Mo., on March 13.

With his signature blackboard behind him, the Fox TV host said that society is changing and people have to work hard to get the word out that life is valuable.

“There is a profound evil coming our way,” Beck told the pro-life crowd, “if we don’t draw a line in the sand.”

In his talk he explained the historical backdrop of eugenics that gripped the world in the early 20th century – a time when men like Adolf Hitler gave speeches on compassion and healing, all in the name of social and economic justice, and people who were considered undesirable were also thought to be a drain on society during hard economic times.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a well-known eugenicist wrote, “All of our problems are a result of our overpopulated working class.” Beck noted that Sanger came back from Europe in the 1930s with a new rhetoric that was wrapped in terms of compassion.

“Pay attention to what’s happening!” Beck stated, referencing the fact that abortion is now considered “health care” by many in Washington. “There are people out there who want to wipe other people out.”

The television and radio host told a story about his oldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy. When she was born she experienced 13 strokes, and the doctor simply told Beck and his wife, “You’re praying people, so there’s always hope.”

As a freshman in high school and a member of the cross-country team, her coach told his daughter if she couldn’t make it to the end of the race she should just stop and rest – a remark that Beck said offended his daughter.

Beck said his daughter’s goal was to finish every race and to beat her personal best. During her senior year, as captain of the team, she gave a speech, in which she said to her coach, “I didn’t believe you that I couldn’t finish it,” and she told her teammates: “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because you can!”

Beck then challenged the pro-lifers gathered: “So from my daughter, you can finish the race! It is about the sanctity of human life!”

“If we fail, who will complete this task? Stand up, get in the race. You can, will and must win!”

Before Beck got into his history lesson that evening, he took a few moments to pay tribute to the birth mother of his youngest child, whom he and his wife had adopted after they were unable to conceive a child themselves.

On the day his son was born, Beck told the young birth mother, “I don’t have to read Spiderman or Batman to my son. I promise he will remember you as a superhero. You changed a little boy’s life and that of a man and a woman who fell in love.”

Glenn Beck is one of many well-known personalities who endorse Vitae Foundation’s mission to use mass media to help reach out to women facing unplanned pregnancies and connect them with local resources where they can make an informed decision.

This year alone, Vitae will have Gov. Mike Huckabee speaking in Dallas on April 27, Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow speaking in St. Louis on May 18 and former presidential candidate Sarah Palin will headline the September 13 Kansas City Vitae event.

“Vitae is thrilled to have people of this caliber speaking out for a culture of life. As more and more Americans identify themselves as pro-life, we know that we will win this race!” Carl Landwehr, President of Vitae Foundation, stated.

Vitae pioneered the research-based, right-brain-focused and results-driven approach using media to address the abortion issue. Its goal is to be in the top 25 media markets. Currently Vitae is present in almost half of them.

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