SWITZERLAND, Jan 28 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life forces have long been disturbed by the agenda of internationalist economic and political leaders primarily because of the priority they place on population control, (forced) contraception, sterilization and abortion. As many of these bigwigs meet in Switzerland this weekend in a gathering of the World Economic Forum, pro-life forces are listening carefully for the ideas that come out of the meeting.

The gathering, which began yesterday and wraps up Feb 1, brought “3,000 political/civil society, global business, scientific, academic and media leaders” to the Swiss town of Davos,  reports the WEF on its website. U.S. President Bill Clinton showed up with “300 aides,  politicians, businessmen, secret servicemen and general hangers-on,” reported The Express yesterday. Other attendees include Microsoft’s Bill Gates, international financial speculator George Soros, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and 40 heads of state, from British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Canadian cabinet ministers John Manley and Pierre Pettigrew will also be attending.

Issues being discussed include: “the G revolution (genes and the genome) and the impact on individuals”, “environment and responsibility”, and “other social and health issues.”  Environmental issues are given a high priority including the question: “How many people can the earth sustain?” Questions such as “Is moral behaviour determined by nature, nurture or God?” and “What is a family?” are being considered in the “Society of Values” session.

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