TORONTO, Mar 2, 2001 ( – A new series of ads for the Globe & Mail, a Canadian national newspaper, portray pro-life opinions as being equivalent to racism, holocaust denial and support of child pornography. Three ads the Globe & Mail is currently running on TV in Toronto, whose tag-line is “Everyone has an opinion, but is it informed?,” show a series of people voicing opinions, many of them bizarre and provocative.

In the ads, one woman says, “All white people are racists”; a man says that viewing child porn is ok; another man says “The Holocaust? Never happened”. However, slipped into the middle of these horrible statements, a woman is shown saying, “Abortion is murder”. The apparent intent is to imply that pro-life opinions are on a par with racism, hatred and support of child porn. Some pro-lifers have suggested a boycott of the Globe & Mail.

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