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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, John-Henry Westen, Liz Yore, and Father James Altman discuss the arrest of a far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lawyer for domestic terrorism, the congressional heat on Attorney General Merrick Garland over the Department of Justice and FBI treatment of Mark Houck and his family, the brazen Satanism increasingly infecting our culture, and the latest updates on a Church in crisis.

Thomas Jurgens, a 28-year-old SPLC attorney, has been charged with domestic terrorism for allegedly taking part in the firebombing of a new police training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, that is currently under construction. Liz Yore idiomatically refers to this as an instance of throwing stones while living in a glass house, because the far-left SPLC was the organization whose research served as the basis for the FBI memo targeting Latin Mass Catholics.

“It’s been a bad week for the SPLC,” she says. “The FBI whistleblower [Kyle Seraphin] exposed them … for being haters, for being Christophobes. And lo and behold, one of their own — on a legal team, no less — ends up being charged with rioting with Antifa and firebombing a construction site for a brand-new Atlanta Police Department training center.”

The influence of Satan has undeniably become more pronounced as of late, with “After School Satan Clubs” cropping up all over the United States, drag queens cavorting in front of children, and Satanic themes and imagery coming out of Hollywood. Father Altman explains that the root cause of this is people’s inability to follow the Sixth Commandment of “thou shalt not commit adultery,” which encompasses all manner of disordered sexual acts.

“We’re seeing it in all forms of entertainment, which is how Satan gets our attention, isn’t it? He’s not going to lure us with boring hard work, is he? He’s going to lure us through sensual pleasures, through the sins of the senses,” Altman says. “Listen, abortion would gone immediately if everybody said, ‘I’m going to strive for purity, chastity, virginity.’ Abortion wouldn’t even be an argument anymore. It wouldn’t even be an issue on the table.”

In recent Church news in the United States, Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio, recently banned the Traditional Latin Mass on the Franciscan University campus. Furthermore, faithful priest and friend of LifeSiteNews Father Richard Heilman was moved out of his parish in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, which Westen called “heart-rending not only for him but for his parishioners” as well.

“Father Heilman has been… the general of this spiritual battle. And his parish has responded and is grown and is thriving,” Yore says. “As Father Heilman said, ‘We’re family,’ and he’s devastated. So this pattern continues. It’s going to continue unless the laity begin to figure out a way to address this gutting of the Catholic faith by the shepherds. It’s got to stop.”

For this and much more, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason. Have a wonderful weekend!

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