PORTLAND, Oregon, Jan 12, 2001 ( - Researchers at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Centre at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland have succeeded in creating the world’s first genetically modified monkey. Just as mice have been made to glow in the dark by genetic modification of their genes inserting jellyfish genes during in vitro fertilization so too monkeys have been genetically modified. The monkey, named ANDi (inserted DNA backwards), was ominously described as the “world’s first genetically modified non-human primate” - raising fears of human genetic modification.

The process involved the genetic modification of 224 primate ova and fertilising them resulting in 40 embryos making for five pregnancies, which resulted in only three live births, only one of which actually contained the jellyfish gene. ANDi’s two stillborn siblings had their hair follicles and toenails glow green under UV light, but ANDi has not yet exhibited this feature.

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