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Saskatchewan premier Scott MoeScott Moe / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Despite the increasing secularization of Canadian society, one Canadian Premier boldly went against the “Happy Holidays” trend by giving a Christ-centered Christmas message to his citizens. 

The message of Christmas gives us hope for a bright future of new beginnings with peace and goodwill for all. Such a timeless story of God’s love revealed to mankind,” said Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe in his Christmas 2022 message which was posted last week.  

In the brief video, Moe recounted how a “child born to a humble young woman, not in a palace, but in a stable on the backside of an inn” and “wrapped up in swaddling clothes,” came into the world to “lift up the downcast, to rejoice with those rejoicing, to mourn and comfort those who are suffering.” 

Moe noted how Christ came to save the world by “truly” teaching “us to love one another.”  

“His law is love, and his gospel is peace,” added the premier. 

In his message, Moe also welcomed newcomers to his province from all over the world, while mentioning how “fortunate” Saskatchewan is to be the home to many of the nation’s essential natural resources, and how “we are blessed to have so much of what the world needs today.”

“But even with all of the riches that we possess, the most precious gifts are those that can’t be bought in a store or wrapped and placed under a tree. Our families, our friends, and the freedom we have to enjoy life together in peace,” continued Moe. The hearts of myself and my wife, Krista, are with you and hoping the best for you and those that you love.”

“Merry Christmas, Saskatchewan, and a very blessed new year.” 

Moe’s overtly Christian message comes at a time when many Canadians feel as though the nation’s historic Christian identity is under attack, and many politicians and other public figures have opted for “Happy Holidays” greetings instead of the traditional “Merry Christmas” wishes.

Despite the efforts to secularize society, however, a recent poll found that an overwhelming 70 percent of Canadians still prefer to greet people with “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays,” and even of those who identity as non-Christian, 92 percent said that someone saying “Merry Christmas” greetings did not offend them.