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Some might be questioning why LifeSiteNews has given so much coverage to The Golden Compass controversy. Let us explain.

The $180 million movie marks the latest ramping up of secularists’ open attack not just on religion, but also on all the moral and social (family life) principles promoted and upheld by faithful Christian believers. The existence of these moral standards appear to be the main factor driving the vehement opposition to, and indeed hatred of Christianity and all religions that include similar principles.

It is no surprise then to find liberal, barely believing “Christians” also praising or at least seeing no objection to the Golden Compass and Philip Pullman’s other two children’s novels in the “His Dark Materials” trilogy. They love his rejection of authority and affirmation of personal autonomy to do whatever feels good.

A few others, who are faithful Christians, have also downplayed the dangers of the Pullman series. We concur with Denver Archbishop Chaput that such is just poor judgment. Chaput commented “The idea that any Christian film critics could overlook or downplay these negative elements, as some have seemed to do, is simply baffling.”

If the next two, even more aggressively anti-God Pullman books, are also made into movies there is certain to be some serious damage done by muddying the minds of vulnerable, poorly informed children and adults. Many of these easily influenced persons, bereft of brave and faithful religious shepherds and already influenced by our sensual death culture, will go on to also be influenced by the more insidious Pullman novels.

The Pullman books are only one manifestation of a general and dangerous current trend, but they are a prominent one.

We ignore or downplay these developments at our peril.

As we continue to ignore or shrug off such affronts to faith and morals, worse is certain to follow.

Those bent on pushing faith to the outskirts of society or even eliminating it, see in apathy an opportunity to advance their agenda ever more. 

As history has shown, it inevitably will lead to open and eventually violent religious persecution – if we let it.

The triumphs of the modern de-populationists, natural family destroyers and Christianity haters are not really their achievements. Such so-called ‘progress’ takes place only because people of faith and religious leaders have been so very, very weak.

Evil gladly fills with its own influences a vacuum bereft of faith, goodness and determination. There is nothing at all new in this.

Abortion, euthanasia, the breakdown of sexual morality and more are all occurring because of a great decline in religious belief and practice in recent decades. And it will continue to grow until all those of good will finally wake up.

That’s why we have been reporting on this controversy.

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