SEATTLE, December 22, 2003 ( – Gonzaga University, the Spokane-based Jesuit Catholic University founded in 1889, is denying a pro-life group official status because it is “discriminatory” against non-Christians.  The Student Bar Association (SBA) has denied recognition of law student Ashley Horne’s Pro-Life Law Caucus because only Christians can be leaders in the organization.

Greg Lukianoff, spokesman for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), said “We live in a strange age, indeed, when a Catholic, Jesuit University would deny a Christian, pro-life group recognition because its religious nature is considered discriminatory.”  FIRE, based in Philadelphia, is a watchdog organization for students’ rights on college campuses.  The Pro-Life Caucus, a group of about 20 students, asked for membership in the SBA in order to enhance their profile, to entitle the group to money from student fees, as well as to get mentioned on the University Web page and in the student handbook.  The SBA represents law-school students, and sponsors clubs and activities for them.  Originally to be called the Gonzaga Pro-Life Caucus, the group was required to strike the “Gonzaga” from its name, after being disallowed affiliation with the University.

To voice your opinion, contact Gonzaga University School of Law Student Bar Association President Alberto Guadagno at:  [email protected]   Also read Seattle Times coverage of the story at: