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(LifeSiteNews) – Did you know that the United States’ northern neighbor stayed loyal to the United Kingdom for a little over 200 years after Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence? That’s right: Canada’s constitution that established its complete independence from the United Kingdom will only turn 40 years old next month.

With that bit of history out of the way, it is safe to conclude that Canadians are not known for their rebellious spirit. But COVID tyranny has tested even the infinite civility and patience of Canadians.

I would like to welcome you back to another edition for Good News Friday, a column that highlights good news amidst a sea of trials and tribulations.

This edition will be dedicated solely to praise the heroic and patriotic Canadian truckers. And since a picture is worth 1,000 words and we all need something to smile at after another long week, here are my top ten Canadian trucker-themed pictures of the week. May God bless and protect all of these solid Canadians and may they continue to inspire similar uprisings of freedom-loving patriots around the world.

Although defamed as racists and Nazis by the Prime Minister, the protesters have been overwhelmingly joyful and peaceful. (Credit: Getty Images)
COVID tyranny has been especially hard on children leading parents to rise up for the sake of their children. (Credit: Getty Images)

In a move dripping with irony, the triple-jabbed prime minister absconded from the capital in Ottawa to an undisclosed location ostensibly with a case of COVID
Even under severe censorship by state and legacy media working hand in hand with Big Tech, creative memes and freedom-loving people have made the Canadian truckers irresistible.
Florida’s freedom loving governor, Ron DeSantis threw his support behind the truckers on Twitter.
It wouldn’t be Canada without some hockey. Protesters make sure to get a little exercise while supporting freedom. (Credit: CTV News)
As government and censorship-loving media pressure continues to build, truckers are not backing down. (Credit: Getty Images)
LifeSiteNews took to the air to capture footage of the truckers that the legacy media and government were trying to hide.
In collaboration with folks on the ground, billboards were displayed letting Canadians know where to go to get real news.