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July 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Google intends to use its vast power over the flow of information to make President Donald Trump’s tenure a “blip in history,” according to a prominent tech researcher and critic of the internet giant.

“None of this is gonna come as a surprise to this audience but I don’t think a lot of people by and large understand exactly how much they can manipulate you, Google can, with just a slight tweak to search results or search suggestions or their algorithm,” Breitbart’s Alex Marlow noted to American Institute for Behavioral Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein in an interview Friday. “Everyone knows by the Breitbart leak of the Google TGIF meeting in 2016 right after the election that they said they wanted populism to be a blip in history, they wanted to basically use their power to make sure populism doesn’t have long term effects, what does that mean?”

Epstein agreed it was no coincidence that Breitbart’s reach via Google has dramatically reduced since that video came to light. “People don’t understand how big this threat is, you mentioned that leak, that video that you exposed which was quite astonishing,” he said. “One of the things that was said there by one of their top executives is ‘we’re going to use every means at our disposal, all of Google’s power to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected’ so if they’re using every single means at their disposal, then they’re using all of the techniques that I’ve discovered and probably more that I haven’t discovered yet. 

“That’s enough to shift roughly 10 percent of the voting population of the United States,” he warned, “with no one knowing they’re being manipulated and no paper trail for authorities to trace.”

Epstein is the researcher behind estimates that Google may have swung as many as 2.6 million votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. In July 2019, he told the Senate that he has identified “nine different blacklists Google maintains to suppress information worldwide,” encompassing Google’s search results, autocomplete feature, Google Maps, YouTube searches, Google News, AdWords and AdSense, banned user accounts, and website quarantines.

For years, conservatives have argued that Google has a left-wing bias and discriminates against conservative groups. Numerous leaked private conversations show not only that the dominant ideologies at Google are dramatically out of step with the general public, but that the company is willing to enforce those ideologies through its ostensibly neutral services and platforms.

During Friday’s interview, Epstein added that his team was working on a way to more conclusively prove what Google is doing, by developing a system to monitor what content is suggested to users by the recommendation algorithm at the Google-owned YouTube.

“We will be capturing what they’re doing in real-time as its occurring,” he explained. “Normally you can’t do that, because think about it, when you do a search on Google or see a newsfeed on Facebook that’s generated on-the-fly just for you, it affects you, it disappears and it’s gone, it’s not stored anywhere. So there’s no trace of it, you can’t go back in time and see what these companies are showing people, you can’t see the manipulations as they’re all ephemeral, they’re fleeting.”

Epstein has previously suggested a potential policy solution, as well: legislation “to declare Google’s massive search index – the  database  the  company uses to generate search results – to be a public commons, accessible by all, just as a 1956 consent decree forced AT&T to share all its patents.”

This, he said, would “quickly give rise to thousands of search platforms like, each competing with Google, each providing excellent search results, each serving niche audiences, large and small, exactly like newspapers and television networks and websites do now. Search will become competitive, as it was during its early years, and democracy will be protected from Google’s secretive machinations.”