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(LifeSiteNews) – If one asks the world’s top internet search engine the simple question, “Can men menstruate?” the top answer currently suggests that the female biological process is entirely unrelated to natural womanhood.

As noticed by various social media users over the weekend, the top result of entering “can men menstruate” into Google’s Search bar reads: “Having a period is not a feminine thing, and people of all genders menstruate, including non-binary people, agender people and even plenty of men! Menstruation doesn’t change anything about your gender, it’s just a thing that some bodies do.”

The answer comes from a page on TransHub, an Australian website dedicated to “all trans and gender diverse (TGD) people in [New South Wales], our loved ones, allies and health providers.” TransHub is an initiative of the Australian pro-LGBT “health” group ACON.

As still recognized by the National Library of Medicine, the menstrual cycle is a natural biological process unique to women, as part of the female body’s preparation for potential pregnancy (which is also unique to women). The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ online informational resources on menstruation are (for the moment, at least), still hosted with the HHS Office on Women’s Health.

Yet in recent years, left-wing activists around the world have demanded recognition of menstruation by “transgender men” (i.e., women who consider themselves male and wish to be recognized as such) in the distribution of health services and products, sometimes calling it a matter of “menstrual justice” or “period equity.” The push is part of the broader campaign to reorient society’s understanding of gender from biological reality to subjective, “fluid” perception.

Google, the global leader in online video, web searching, and numerous communication and productivity tools, has long been notorious not only for its strong left-wing bias, but for its willingness to use its considerable influence to mold public opinion, including by manipulating its platforms’ various metrics such as search results. 

The company also has a history of discriminating against certain content on the basis of political viewpoint on topics such as abortion, gender, COVID-19, climate change, and election integrity, including acting directly against LifeSiteNews on numerous occasions.