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September 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Google and Twitter has been preparing its artificial intelligence systems to silence conservatives as “abusive,” according to an insider from both companies interviewed for an upcoming book.

Breitbart reported that the individual spoke with investigative reporter Allum Bokhari for his book #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, which will be released September 22. The insider, who worked at both companies and observed their inner workings, says the tech giants assign a “quality ranking” to users that determines whether they are an asset or detriment to the platforms.

Detrimental users would be those deemed “abusive,” defined by posting whatever tech companies consider to be “hate speech,” “misinformation,” or “conspiracy theories,” as well as merely following or retweeting accounts considered “abusive.”

Social media companies are allegedly training their AI algorithms to act on this criteria – and, Breitbart warned, “will result in the wholesale suppression of the Trump movement — just in time for the election.”

Further details on these latest claims will have to wait for #DELETED’s release on September 22, but the insider’s claims are consistent with a body of evidence accumulated in recent years regarding Big Tech’s anti-conservative bias.

One Facebook insider provided footage recently of content moderators openly discussing how they would like to delete “every Donald Trump post I see on the timeline” and “delete all Republicans … for terrorism” if they so much as post a photo “wearing a MAGA hat.” Cognizant service delivery manager Demian Gordon can also be seen saying he would not hold staff accountable for taking down Trump posts on the grounds that they “gotta get the Cheeto (Trump) out of the office.”

Another Facebook whistleblower described witnessing moderators “deleting on average 300 posts or actioning 300 posts a day” in a way “that just targeted conservatives or favored liberals,” with personnel equating Trump supporters with violent hate groups, while expressly making an exception for overtly-hateful posts by the moderators’ LGBT allies in the name of supporting Pride Month.

Twitter set off a firestorm in May when it placed a “fact-check” on a Trump tweet pertaining to the fraud potential of mail-in voting, then censored another Trump tweet warning that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” pertaining to the Minneapolis riots, for supposedly “glorifying violence.” 

As for YouTube and its parent company, numerous leaked private conversations show that Google is willing to enforce its far-left ideology through its ostensibly neutral services and platforms. Psychologist and technology researcher Dr. Robert Epstein warned that Google could use its vast power over search results for news and video to shift as much as a 10th of the vote toward former vice president Joe Biden in the fall’s presidential election.