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Warning: This video contains sensitive content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised.

(LifeSiteNews) – A scorching new video ad released on social media by Republican Doug Mastriano’s gubernatorial campaign blasts his Democrat opponent, current Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, for his aggressive support of sexualizing public schoolchildren, conducting dangerous experimental ‘gender-affirming’ medical and surgical care on kids and permitting biological boys in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, all while circumventing and undermining parental authority.

The three-minute ad narrated by Mastriano draws attention to the goal of degrading K-12 school children in the Keystone State shared by Democrat candidate Shapiro, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health “Rachel” Levine, a man portraying himself as a woman, and the D.C. LGBT lobbying powerhouse, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Mastriano began:

Children in Pennsylvania as early as five years old are being subjected to sexual indoctrination under Democrat leadership. In Montgomery County, a parent said that one of their child’s kindergarten classmates identifies as trans, and so now the entire class is forced to read books about what that means. In kindergarten.

To make matters worse, the Department of Education in Pennsylvania is encouraging teachers that host gender-neutral days in school. While parents are unaware at home that their daughters may share a bathroom with a biological male.

Rather than doing his job addressing crime in Pennsylvania, Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed an amicus brief against families in Florida and Virginia to support the idea of biological boys using girls’ bathrooms. This time last year in Virginia, thanks to Josh Shapiro, a fifteen-year-old girl was raped be a male student in the girls’ bathroom.

Mastriano then pointed out that HRC, which promotes horrific social and medical gender “transitioning” for children, endorses Shapiro’s candidacy.

Dr. Levine, now the Assistant U.S. Health Secretary, says that kids should have access to experimental puberty-blocking therapies.  When questioned about whether this should be [subject to] parental approval, Levine refused to answer.

But the Human Rights Campaign wants unsupportive parents left in the dark.  Children are encouraged to socially transition with their names and pronouns and the parents can be coerced or convinced later on to accept it.

The Human Rights Campaign also supports irreversible double mastectomies and genital surgeries for kids.  And guess who they endorse for Governor of Pennsylvania?   That’s right, Josh Shapiro.

Mastriano also described how Shapiro has aggressively sought to use the power and influence of his office to derail attempts of concerned parents to protect the innocence of their children from sexualization by Pennsylvania public school systems.

Additionally, books that depict explicit sexual acts are available in our schools.

When a mother filed a lawsuit to have these books removed from Pennsylvania schools, Josh Shapiro himself filed a motion to dismiss her case.

Little kids in Pennsylvania continue to have their innocence taken from them.  Will they continue to be taught what to think and believe about their bodies by a school system without parental consent?

“According to Rasmussen Reports, 89% of voters believe, rightly, that parents should have the last say on what their kids are being taught,” Mastriano noted.  “Sixty-nine percent of parents believe that sexually explicit books should be removed from the libraries.”

“As you governor, I’ll ensure parents have power over their children’s education, which means full school transparency,” Mastriano promised.

On day one, boys in the girls’ bathroom ends,” declared the GOP candidate. “On day one, no more boys on girls’ teams, and the sexualization of our kids will end in our schools as well.  This includes removing sexualized material in our elementary schools.”