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(LifeSiteNews) — GOP Congressman Thomas Massie informed Tucker Carlson that the influential American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has “babysitters” that monitor U.S. politicians to keep them in line.

AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobby groups in Washington, D.C. With roots dating to the 1950s, AIPAC spends millions of dollars every year to pressure elected officials from both parties to vote for policies that promote Zionist interests.

“Last month, we voted like 15 or 16 times on issues related to Israel,” Massie said. AIPAC has “the ear” of Speaker Mike Johnson. “We haven’t had 16 votes in April on the United States in Congress!”

A Politico op-ed published this past weekend described the group as a “fundraising juggernaut,” noting that in recent years it has raised “more money for candidates than any similar organization this (election) cycle.”

Less than two dozen lawmakers, mostly Democrats, routinely oppose AIPAC’s aims. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and pro-abortion members of “the Squad,” including Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are among them.

A website called Track AIPAC keeps tabs on GOP and Democrat lawmakers who take the group’s money.

A self-described libertarian Republican, Massie has consistently supported America-first policies since winning Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District seat in 2012. His efforts have put him in hot water with AIPAC in recent years, especially his no vote on the recently passed “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,” a bill that the left-leaning Washington Post has said was simply meant to “silence criticism of Israel.”

“I vote my conscience, which they won’t tolerate,” Massie said. “I’m against sending our money overseas. I’m against starting another proxy war. I’m against sanctions because it’s going to weaken the dollar. I’m for free speech.”

Massie won his primary race with over 70% of the vote earlier this year. He told Carlson he was initially “neutral” toward AIPAC and that he would even meet with them to discuss foreign affairs, but now he does “not like” them due their spending $400,000 to oppose him in his last campaign.

“They’re worried that I’ll run for (Mitch) McConnell’s (Senate) seat. And so they’re trying to send me a message.”

Massie revealed to a stunned Carlson that the group, which says it is nothing more than American citizens lobbying on behalf of Israel’s interests, should register as a foreign entity with the U.S. government. Doing so would force them to reveal details about how they operate.

“Let’s look and see if you’re getting any money from that foreign country. Are you a dual citizen with that foreign country? … Is Netanyahu speaking to your group, advising you on your next move? Are you getting money from the military industrial complex?”

Massie further explained that AIPAC pays for lawmakers to take vacations to Israel and that it has “co-opted Evangelicals” by funding a grassroots organization called Christians United for Israel that encourages voters to oppose lawmakers who don’t comply with their demands.

“It’s actually a top-down movement from AIPAC so that people who aren’t even Jewish will feel like they’ve got to support Israel … even if it’s a secular state that funds abortions,” he said.

Massie also stated that the group sends lawmakers an “AIPAC person.”

“It’s like your babysitter. Your AIPAC babysitter who is always talking to you for AIPAC. They’re probably a constituent in your district, but they are, you know, firmly embedded in AIPAC … that’s how it works on the Republican side.”

He added that when the person visits Washington, congressmen have lunch with them and regularly ask them for political favors.

“Why would they want to tell their constituents that they’ve basically got a buddy system with somebody who’s representing a foreign country? It doesn’t benefit the congressman for people to know that. So they’re not going to tell you that,” he said.  “Nobody” on Capitol Hill, he said has a “Britain guy … an Australian guy … a Germany dude.”

Massie argued that despite the group’s influence, AIPAC is “exposing their weakness” because a growing number of GOP lawmakers are telling him they agree with his opposition to them even if they don’t stand with him publicly.

“If one person starts speaking the truth, (AIPAC is) afraid it could be contagious,” he said.

Help Christians who escaped Gaza: LifeFunder