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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – Indiana Republican congressman Jim Banks sent a letter that asked Twitter’s newest board member to ensure free speech is protected on the platform.

“Now that you are Twitter’s single largest shareholder, I urge you to advocate for revising Twitter’s content policy to allow all speech that is both lawful and factually accurate,” Rep. Banks wrote to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday in a letter first obtained by The Daily Caller. The entrepreneur recently took a 9.2 percent stake in the Big Tech company, becoming its largest shareholder.

“This would be a basic but important step towards restoring free expression to a platform that you described as the ‘de facto public town square,’” Banks wrote.

The conservative congressman mentioned his own experience with Twitter censorship – the Big Tech platform locked his account in October 2021 for referring accurately to Biden administration official Richard “Rachel” Levine as a man. It’s also locked the accounts of LifeSiteNews,  The Babylon Bee, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and Tucker Carlson for making similar references to the gender-confused Biden official.

“While this change is simple, it would significantly alter Twitter’s current censorship practices. Twitter has censored an alarming number of true statements,” Banks wrote.

“For example, Twitter suspended me last October 3 for a factually correct tweet about biological sex and most recently suspended critics of NCAA transgender athlete Lia Thomas. Considering Twitter’s content policy has explicitly banned telling the truth, this shouldn’t be surprising,” he wrote.

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SIGN, THANK and STAND with Governor Ron DeSantis against Disney's "woke" attacks
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SIGN, THANK and STAND with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is being attacked by Disney for signing a new law which prohibits sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade*Anyone - no matter where you reside - can sign this petition!

For protecting the innocence of his state's youngest schoolchildren and standing up to the bullies in the LGBT lobby, Governor Ron DeSantis has predictably been on the receiving end of sustained attacks from LGBT activists and their numerous allies in the leftist mainstream media.

And now, the Disney Corporation - one of Florida's biggest employers - has decided to interfere in politics and pick a fight with DeSantis over the new law.

BUT, Florida parents, and parents across the country, are overjoyed that a governor is finally taking seriously their concerns about the early sexualization of our nation's children!

SIGN, THANK, and STAND with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with this petition which will be delivered to Governor DeSantis' office and CC'ed to Disney, and which tells the Governor that we thank him for, and will stand with him in, protecting our schoolchildren from LGBT indoctrination.

This common sense legislation, known as the Parental Rights in Education Act, prohibits instruction pertaining to sexual orientation, "gender identity" and transgenderism in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classrooms across the state of Florida.

And, the new law also puts stronger limits on such discussions for older children, frustrating a primary tenet of the radical left's plan to encroach upon impressionable young minds.

Media talking heads and political opponents, ranging from radical LGBT activist groups to morally corrupt corporations like Disney, dubbed HB 1557 the "Don't Say Gay" Bill.

But, the truth is that such sensitive, personal subjects are not the job of schools to cover, but the job of parents alone, who, under the bill, would be allowed to take legal action against school districts that violate its provisions.

By their hateful reaction to the bill (now law) and to Governor DeSantis, one can only assume that Disney actually despises parents and their role as the primary educator of their children, especially in, but not limited to, areas of sexual conduct and morals.

Indeed, the extreme volume of manufactured outrage on this particular piece of legislation reveals the following significant nugget of information: one of the seminal means the LGBT "community" counts on to continue attracting people into their ranks, or as so-called "allies," is by brainwashing little, unsuspecting children without their, or their parents', consent.

We know it, and they know it. And, finally, someone is doing something about it.

SIGN, THANK and STAND with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is being attacked by Disney for signing a new law which prohibits sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade.

Children's innocence is worth it and Disney, and its chairman Bob Chapek, should be ashamed of themselves for threatening to interfere in state politics because they are offended that children's minds will no longer be violated.

We must encourage people like Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature not to be blackmailed and not to be afraid...

If Disney wants to escalate things, then conservative and Christian parents might be finally persuaded not to visit Disneyland and Disney World, nor buy Disney products, nor watch Disney films.

Conservatives and Christians, and right-thinking people from all walks of life, need to start playing hardball with the likes of Disney.

We saw what happens when parents show their power in Virginia last year, so any further action on this matter by Florida Democrats and their allies in Disney’s executive leadership will be at their own peril.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to THANK and STAND WITH Governor Ron DeSantis for protecting children from LGBT propaganda, and from Disney's bullying, slurs and legal threats.

Thank you!


'DeSantis slams Disney for opposing law that bans LGBT propaganda from classrooms' -

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Banks also wrote about Twitter censoring people who said the COVID vaccine did not spread transmission of COVID, a statement later proven to be a fact.

“In 2021, Twitter changed its terms of service to prohibit all ‘false or misleading claims that people who have received the vaccine can spread or shed the virus,” he wrote. “Of course, the COVID vaccine does not prevent the transmission of the virus.”

Free speech changes on the platform could help rebuild trust among Twitter’s users, including its conservative ones, Banks wrote.

“What makes Twitter’s censorship especially alarming is the obvious partisan slant,” Rep. Banks wrote. “One 2019 study by a Columbia University researcher found that Twitter suspended conservative users at a ratio of 21-to-1 compared to liberal users.”

“By committing to to tolerating factually true statements, Twitter could greatly improve its public standing,” Banks wrote.

He told Musk his “appreciation for free speech and impressive business success is a glimmer of hope for the future of Big Tech companies like Twitter.”