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LANSING, Michigan (LifeSiteNews) — A newly elected state representative who is organizing a Eucharistic procession on the grounds of the Michigan state capitol on Wednesday, December 7 told LifeSiteNews he wants to evangelize the Wolverine State for the Kingship of Christ.

“This particular Eucharistic Procession is first and foremost a reverent act to bring the Blessed Sacrament on to our State Capitol grounds,” Republican Jim DeSana, who will begin his first term this January, told LifeSite. “Our parish also feels it is a Statement that Jesus is our Sovereign King and our Founding Fathers never intended for God to be completely separated from every aspect of American Society. To be able pray and venerate Jesus on the very ground where our laws are passed is what we want to witness on behalf of all Roman Catholics in the State of Michigan.”

DeSana will represent the 29th district in Michigan’s House of Representatives, which is located just south of Detroit.

DeSana is a father of four boys and four girls. He also has 14 grandchildren under the age of nine. He and his wife Stephanie have been active in pro-life initiatives for many years, including Michigan Right to Life. A practitioner and strong supporter of homeschooling, DeSana attends St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in New Boston. Father John Hedges, St. Stephen’s parish priest, will be on site for the procession.

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“My goal, ultimately, is to build back up the Catholic community of Michigan,” DeSana said. “Michigan was, at one time, one of the most Catholic states in America — along with Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We need to re-evangelize Michigan. We need people to realize that the atheistic society we have become will eventually decimate our great State.”

DeSana previously worked as a businessman before entering politics. His father James served as a state representative in the 1970s and 1980s, eventually serving in GOP Governor John Engler’s administration.

“I decided to run for office after I became alarmed at the loss of liberty we suffered at the hands of the government tyrants running the State of Michigan. I could not believe how many unconstitutional and illegal measures that were being forced upon us,” he said.

DeSana is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Michigan Sheep Producers, the Michigan Cattleman’s Association, and National Rifle Association. He told LifeSite he’s forming a brand-new Catholic caucus for all baptized Catholics in the Michigan legislature.

“The invitation will go out to any Baptized Catholic Senator or Representative. We plan to meet for Mass, for regular prayer and to inform each other how we can be faithful Catholics in our role as State legislators,” he said.

LifeSiteNews will be on the ground in Lansing Wednesday reporting on the procession, which begins at 10:45 a.m. For questions about the event, contact [email protected].


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