PHILADELPHIA, April 24, 2013 ( – Inside the courtroom defense attorney Jack McMahon usually sticks to a tight script, but he left behind the abortion lobby's terminology in his argument for Kermit Gosnell's acquittal today.

An eyewitness reported that McMahon repeatedly referred to the children his client aborted at West Philadelphia's “house of horrors” as “infants.”

The attorney “yelled out, 'All of these infants, fetuses, or what ever you call them,'” according to Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries.

“He kept having to correct himself…even he was calling them babies or infants,” Kemper said from inside the courthouse.


Kemper implied it was a Freudian slip. “They know the truth but have to force themselves to deny it,” he said. 

Many of the babies discovered inside the macabre medical office were well beyond 24-weeks, Pennsylvania's cut-off date for abortions.

One of Gosnell's former employees, Kareema Cross, testified that the doctor joked one of the babies he aborted was big enough to “walk me to the bus stop.”

The 72-year-old could receive the death penalty if convicted of allowing babies to be born, then cutting the viable newborn's spinal cord with scissors at his Women's Medical Society.

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Gosnell's defense rested today without calling a single witness, including the doctor himself.

Gosnell is facing in excess of 380 charges, according to Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, who is also in the courtroom.