May 1, 2013 ( – The jury in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell has ended its second day of day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.

Information coming from the courtroom suggests that the jury is taking a slow and methodical approach to reviewing the charges against Gosnell and his co-defendant Eileen O’Neill.


The jury issued two requests today for more information. In both cases the requests related to the charges against O’Neill, suggesting that the jury may not have even begun to deliberate the charges against Gosnell.

In one case they asked for files relating to patient Lisa Dungee and former Gosnell employee and patient Della Mann, and a floor diagram of Gosnell's clinic.

Lisa Dungee had testified that in 2009 she met with O'Neill, an unlicensed medical school graduate, prior to her abortion. She said that while she signed a form saying that she had received counseling 24 hours prior to the abortion, in fact she signed the form on the same day as the abortion.

Della Mann, who at one point worked for Gosnell but was also his patient, testified that after arriving at the clinic one day she was told she would be meeting with “Dr. O'Neill,” rather than Gosnell. Over the next few years, Mann saw O'Neill several times, and the unlicensed med school graduate allegedly diagnosed her, prescribed medications, and signed her medical chart. 

In a second case, the jury asked the judge for a review of the definition of charges of theft by deception, RICO, and conspiracy – all charges faced by O'Neill.

Meanwhile, Gosnell is still facing charges for allegedly murdering four newborn infants by snipping their spinal cords – his preferred method of performing abortions, according to his former employees. In addition he faces one charge of third degree murder, for the overdose death of one of his abortion clients, one charge each of infanticide and racketeering, as well as hundreds of charges for violating Pennsylvani's abortion laws, including performing abortions past the 24 week time limit. 

If convicted on any of the first-degree murder charges, Gosnell faces the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty. 

Deliberations will resume on Thursday at 8:30 am. 

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