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(LifeSiteNews) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren, backed by leftist financier George Soros, for repeatedly refusing to enforce Florida’s laws.

“We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement.

DeSantis made the announcement during a Thursday press conference, citing Warren’s avowals not to enforce Florida’s laws restricting abortion or sex changes for minors.

“Most recently, after the Dobbs decision was rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court, he signed a letter saying he would not enforce any laws related to protecting the right to life in the state of Florida,” said DeSantis, adding that Florida has had prohibitions on third-trimester and partial-birth abortions “for a long time.”

In late June, Warren declared he would not prosecute violations of Florida’s recently enacted 15-week abortion ban, protesting that the new law draws an “arbitrar[y]” line that “violate[s]…the right to privacy.”

DeSantis pointed out during the press conference that abortions are typically performed by dismemberment at Florida’s new abortion cut-off point, a procedure the governor said “is really inhumane.”

“Warren has put himself publicly above the law,” explained DeSantis, who also highlighted an instance in which Warren outright refused to enforce Florida law designed to protect minors.

“In June of 2021, he signed a letter saying that he would not enforce any prohibitions on sex change operations for minors,” DeSantis explained. While such a law has not yet been enacted in Florida, DeSantis has said he would ban sex change operations, and recently called for lawsuits against doctors who perform “gender transition” surgeries on gender-confused children.

His administration has advised against the prescription of such gender-transition surgeries and “treatments” for minors.

“When you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you put yourself above the law, you have violated your duty,” DeSantis said.

“We are not going to allow this pathogen that’s been around the country of ignoring the law, we are not going to let that get a foothold here in the state of Florida, we are going to make sure our laws are enforced, and that no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law,” he concluded.

​​Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronron added during the press conference that Warren “seems intently focused on empathy for criminals and less interested in pursuing justice for crime victims,” according to Oacoree.

Oacoree affirmed that Warren’s 2016 election campaign was financed by the lefitst, globalist mega-donor George Soros, notorious for funding extremist liberal causes such as anti-police hatred.

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