OTTAWA, Nov 4 ( – Answering reporters after coming out of a Liberal caucus meeting,  pro-family backbench Members of Parliament said that the soon-to-be-introduced omnibus bill on homosexual rights would lead to same-sex marriage. The legislation will extend all the benefits given to heterosexual couples to practicing homosexuals. The National Post quotes both MP Paul Steckle and MP Dan McTeague as saying they will oppose the legislation. Another two dozen backbenchers in the Liberal party are also expected to stand against the measure. 

Pro-family Canadians are being urged to start voicing their opposition now to this radical agenda, and to solicit action from otherwise apathetic friends and colleagues, especially those who profess allegiance to Christianity and other pro-family religions. In a letter on the subject of homosexual benefits written in 1994, Cardinal (then bishop) Aloysius Ambrozic wrote that “homosexual relationships do not qualify for the rights and benefits that are accorded to married and common-law couples. Any attempt to promote a homosexual lifestyle as the equivalent of legal marriage must be vigorously opposed.” Moreover, the cardinal encouraged the faithful to “write your local member to protest the proposed legislation.” 

Pro-family MPs who are willing to act according to their principles have expressed that they always very much need to hear from constituents and others who support them and to be encouraged to persevere. 

Opponents of the legislation see strong leadership from religious leaders as essential to efforts to stop the legislation.