OTTAWA, Mar 9 (  Ten years after the establishment of a $28 million Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, the government is still not “ready” to act on its recommendations by introducing legislation. Yesterday in the House of Commons, MP Pauline Picard (Drummond, BQ)  told Health Minister Allan Rock that “Canada is the only country still without a clear policy regulating the use of medically assisted human reproductive technologies.”

Picard asked Rock why “after all this time, the only standard in the matter is a voluntary moratorium, whose effectiveness is not measurable?” In response, Rock said that the government had made motions toward doing something about the situation in the previous parliament. The bill,  however, has never been re-introduced in the new parliament and Rock remained aloof saying, “We will act when we are ready.”

Without regulations, the cloning of human embryos, sex-selection and even attempts at human-  animal hybrids can take place in Canada.

See the exchange in yesterday’s Hansard.