By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BUENOS AIRES, April 18, 2008 ( – The government of Argentina’s largest province, which contains 37% of the country’s total population, has declared itself “pro-life”.

In a breakfast meeting with the 17 Catholic bishops of the Province of Buenos Aires, which contains approximately 15 million inhabitants, health minister Claudio Zin stated publicly, “This is a pro-life government” that is “against abortion”.

The statement was made by Zin in the presence of the governor of the province, Daniel Scioli, who was in attendance with his chief of staff, vice-governor, and numerous cabinet officials.

According to the Argentine newspaper El Dia, Scioli held the meeting to assure the bishops that his government would be different from the previous administration led by Felipe Solá.  Solá was reportedly sympathetic to anti-life policies.

One participant at the meeting said that one bishop had expressed concern after reading a news report that a bill was under consideration to promote surgical sterilization in the province.  However, after being informed of the situation Scioli’s administration acted to quash the legislation.

The clear pro-life position of Scioli’s government is another sign that Argentina is moving in a pro-life direction. 

Within a week of being elected last December, the governor of the province of La Pampa, Oscar Jorge, vetoed legislation to legalize abortion, although the legislation had enjoyed the support of the previous governor.

After numerous protests against the pro-abortion policies of Argentine President Nestor Kirchner by Argentine religious and professional groups in 2007, the nation’s presidency was won by Kristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who declared herself pro-life.

Although Fernandez de Kirchner’s husband, the nation’s previous president, showed sympathy for the pro-abortion cause and appointed a pro-abortion health minister, Fernandez de Kirchner has generally maintained a pro-life policy. 

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