By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  BARCELONA, October 30, 2007 ( – The government of Catalonia, an autonomous “national” region within Spain, has announced that it has joined the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), boasting that “the Generalitat (government of Catalonia) has become the first national government to join” the organization, on October 24th.  It is also the only private organization the Catalonian government has ever joined.

  The decision was blasted by the widely-quoted Catalonian organization “E-Christians”, which noted that “the ILGA is a pressure group, an international political lobby, that has as its objective the construction of a homosexual society…their political agenda has the intention of eliminating the natural differentiation of humanity between men and women for another based on the differentiation of heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, etc.”

“Furthermore, the ILGA has a conflicted history related to the presence within it of organizations that propose the legalization of pedophilia,” warned E-Christians.  “For this reason they were expelled from the ESOSOC (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations.  The reason for the expulsion had its origin in the threat by the Clinton administration to withdraw its contribution to the UN if there were any organizations recognized by the UN agencies—such as the ECOSOC—that promote the legalization of pedophilia.”  The ILGA only regained its ECOSOC membership last year.

  The primary agenda of the ILGA is to establish homosexual sex acts as a “human right”, something no binding UN document has ever done.  To this end, it is a promoter of the  “Yogyakarta Principles”, a gay-rights declaration drafted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia earlier this year by several members and ex-members of United Nations “human rights” bodies and other international organizations.

  The “Principles”, include defending the sexual “rights” of children, including the “right to found a family”, which will “ensure that a child who is capable of forming personal views can exercise the right to express those views freely”. 

  In declaring its membership in the ILGA, Catalonia joins the European cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Venice among governmental bodies joined to the group.

  Contact Information:

  Embassy of Spain in the USA
  Ambassador D. Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza.
  2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
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  Embassy of Spain in Canada
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  Telephone (613) 747-2252, 7293, 1143/241-0542(24h)
  Fax (613) 744-1224

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