OTTAWA, October 30, 2002 ( - Last Friday, Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, challenged Health Minister Anne McLellan, to produce evidence to justify her claims that all abortions are “medically necessary”.  Breitkreuz released a letter from the Minister’s own department that contradicts the Minister’s public statements.

On October 3rd the Health Minister said in The Saint John Telegraph Journal “Our view is that obviously abortion is a medically necessary service.” However, a letter from the Minister’s own department says that they don’t have any evidence showing that abortions are “medically necessary”.  In the House of Commons Breitkreuz asked “Maybe the Minister would care to share the evidence she obviously now has with the members of this House?”  Breitkreuz also released another three-page document that summarizes the responses of letters he has received from Health Canada and nine provinces and one territory on the questions of “medically necessary” abortions and risk/benefit studies.  “The federal government doesn’t have any evidence that abortions are “medically necessary” and neither do the provinces.  Nor has any government completed any studies to determine or confirm their contention that benefits of an abortion outweighs the risks,” reported Breitkreuz.

“In order for a medical procedure to be publicly funded under the Canada Health Act it must be medically necessary and therapeutic.  How can all these governments continue to use public money to fund abortions when they don’t know if abortions are doing more damage than good?” asked Breitkreuz.

In related news, Mr. Breitkreuz was the recipient of Campaign Life Coalition’s Joseph P. Borowski award for pro-life politicians this past weekend at the International Pro-Life Forum in Toronto.  See the Hansard record at:

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