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AYLMER, Que, Dec 13 ( – The Consultation on Gender Equality hosted by Canada’s Status of Women department openly discriminated against a representative of a conservative women’s group attending the meeting. The National Post reported Saturday that Cecilia Forsyth, a delegate from REALWomen of Canada was asked openly to leave a meeting, and was “booed” by the hoards of radical feminists present. Prior to her attendance some delegates had requested that her invitation to the gathering be withdrawn. 

One delegate, demonstrating modern feminism’s hatred of opposing views, even likened Mrs.  Forsyth to a “white-supremacist.” The Post quotes Delegate Shelagh Day of the National Association of Women and Law as saying REALWomen have no place at the conference since “they endorse a subordinate status for women.”

“It’s like inviting a white-supremacist organization” to a meeting to address discrimination against minorities, she said. Of course,  Mrs. Forsyth is instead a woman from a women’s organization appropriately attempting to present her organization’s view on women’s issues.